Friday, 24 June 2022

Wow! Not posted in a while. I'm still about, promise :o)


Hi all,

It has been a year since posting here. HEY WHAT?!👀😋

Crazy how life has sped by. I've not been able to enjoy some pure creative time but I'd like to change that this year. The sequel to 'A Carpet of Purple Flowers' is nearly 400 pages in but I still have some serious edits to do. 👀 

I'm self-publishing now (the contract ended with my publisher). It's quite a mission navigating around that world without Amazon KPD, which I'm used to. Lulu is my new publishing source at present. I've found it isn't as easy to use but I intend to experiment with some other sites. 

I temporarily changed the title of the first book to 'Heaven Stone' on the Lulu and Kobo platforms. I just wanted a different feel, but not sure that I like it. Lol. Once book two is ready to publish, I'm going to keep with the original title. It appears I do like to confuse folk. 👀😜 I've put the links on the website.  Traceyanne McCartney

I have a blog on the book-related site that I always forget about and on a new site Journey of Writing | Soul Speak. I created that as needed a creative change and wanted to have some fun in a different field, journals and art. It's still in progress, but feel free to pop over and check out. 


I hope everyone is well and happy. I've missed my tribe online during the absence and just wanted to check in and know that I'm still here. 💖

This blog is so old but I'm really attached to it. Many memories and shares. So, I'll keep this going for as long as possible to keep all the wonder it contains. 

Here is are a couple of colouring pages I designed...feel free to print 💗

Big love to you all.

Take care beautiful souls.



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