Word Musings

A little dabble in poetry and Haiku ~ Soul Observer

Crossing the veil between worlds…

A light bright
a loud cry in the night
makes way for a soul in the dark
gliding through time
a passage ethereal sublime
a story forgotten renewed

Mingling the past into the future
a haze blinding most
glamour hides a host
the spiritual warrior has eyes to see
but not until he falls to his knees

The figure in shadow feels the heart of the broken
crushing love not forgotten
gripping mist
chasing dreams
karma eludes or so it seems

Circles and cycles
souls entwined
something at work
possibly divine

~ Tracey-anne

London Town

Streets noisy but silent
bobby doesn’t beat, officers sleep
plastic bag an urban tumbleweed
a flower grows through the cracked pavement

pretty walls adorned, a distraction
reflected in a drunks puddle
give me a fag, got a spare pound,
nothing humble about this town

sirens replace screams
window curtains twitch
but still…
the sun comes out
lawns are mowed
trees bear fruit
flowers are on the table

typing letters forming words
a mish-mash of thoughts on the screen
most will never be seen
a sigh
a sip of tea
a drag on a fag
it isn’t so bad
ponders life while staring up at the sky
a tear drops from the eye

~ Tracey-anne

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