Thursday, 2 March 2017

The Gift Maker ~ Mark Mayes ~ Tracey-anne's Book Review

A beautiful poetic fairy tale

Wow, my expectations of an introduction to something magical were met, exceeded even, in this fabulous debut novel.

The story begins with the character Thomas receiving a gift, mysteriously delivered. Later he finds out that his friend Liselotte also received a gift. Both approach the enigmatic boxes quite differently. They embark on a journey, though not together, and are soon followed by a friend called Johann. From this point, certain experiences cause the characters to re-evaluate the world around them as well as within and their lives are never the same.

Lyrical storytelling captures the essence of life and higher powers in this wonderful novel. Author, Mark Mayes, gives pause for thought while gently and cleverly revealing qualities of Otherworldliness with sublime substance using metaphors and symbology.
Certain imagery will remain with me forever as will passages due to Marks artistry of combining elements of deeper thinking with vivid description, which are masterful.

This book tantalises the senses with different perspectives, all rich and diverse. You can't help but get drawn in and philosophise with the characters who are well-developed and constant. Throughout the book, we learn more about their individual journeys and true purpose within the magical multi-faceted world created. The story keeps you guessing and turning the pages.

I love the way Mark interprets the world around him and one can't help but admire the artistic poetry in which he captures it all in written form. Not an easy task to tie down these elements in a comprehensive way that isn't overpowering or bewildering. This book is an absolute treasure. I really feel that it would make a spectacular movie. A visual delight.

How important are ambitions, hopes, and desires, for both yourself and the world? What about purpose and freedom? These are thoughts which we all have on some level but are they significant or important enough to follow blindly as we often believe?
Find out for yourself in this very different and clever novel.

Thank you, Urbane Publications & NetGalley for Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for an honest review.

Love and light,