Saturday, 9 January 2010

Bal Masque blog party....

The Venetian Carnival, or Carnevale di Venezia as it is called in Italian,
begins in early February and runs until just after Valentine's Day.

Since February marks the month of carnival celebrations around the world,
I give you

The Bal Masque blog party at Kitty Kellies

The Artful Paper Doll

When: Saturday, February 13th
Time: Starts 12:00 a.m. wherever you are
Place: The Artful Paper Doll (for a list of participating blogs)

Participation is easy.

Send an e-mail to Kitty Kellie that you wish to be added as a participant.

Next, simply download the mask template
(Bal Masque Template here)and embellish it in your own carnival style then blog about it on February 13th.

Meet us all at Artful paper doll for a list of participating blogs and visit them to see their masks.


Now go grab a blog button and place on your blog and let the world know there's a blog party going on!
Whooo Hooo! See you all there!


Journal Writing Prompts: The Masquerade Ball

One of the things Kelly promised to do for herself this year is to start a journal of self discovery and change.
Since we are coming up on carnival season, She thought a masquerade ball theme would make the perfect first journal writing prompt.

What masks do you wear and why?
What are you most afraid of?
What would happen if you were not afraid?

Kelly of the Artful Paper Doll
invites you to ponder and create a carnvial journal page to explore.

We all wear masks in one form or another - 13th Feb' we can be anyone we choose to be.

So, who will you become?
Will you choose to play it safe and blend in with the crowd ?
Will you begin to break old patterns?
Will you take a chance and allow yourself the freedom to be who you really are,
to be the person you always knew you were or wanted to be?

Upon the night of celebration release yourself...
toss the mask, it serves you no longer.

You are free to let yourself stand above the crowd, free & happy!

Trust the process of life to support and guide you.
Love & light Trace

Amethyst Ribbon Day...xoxo

Amethyst Ribbon Day!

Monday, 11 January 2010
00:00 - 23:00
Global - ANYwhere ON You!

Wear a Ribbon on 11-01-'10 for LIGHT and SPIRITUALITY and ONEness....

A ribbon on your bag, chest, sleeve, ANYwhere to represent the BEAUTIFUL Light that we LIVE and STRIVE to BE
- SPREAD awareness for Spirituality and Spiritual Freedom.
Wear YOUR ribbon as a reminder of the LIGHT that we ARE and that CONNECTS us ALL.
A Ribbon for ONEness...for unity of minds, body, spirit!!

Violet is the colour for spirituality; the Violet Ray is the also the ray that Vibrates at the HIGHEST frequency and at the next octave of LIGHT!
By simply WEARING a violet coloured ribbon (OUR Amethyst Ribbon!) it will help RAISE our OWN vibrations as well as Those we come into contact with!!
Which is a BRILLIANT thing!! - and yet, again, SO SIMPLE!

OUR Amethyst Ribbon will also represent the VIOLET FLAME: for Transmutation, Forgiveness, Purification, Healing, Mercy, Compassion; building a bridge of LIGHT and connecting us to AWAKENED awareness!

Raising AWARENESS for ANything has to start SOMEwhere
- why not take OUR beliefs OUT into our EVERYDAY life and Bring it to MORE people!!


It a very SIMPLE and inexpensive way of starting - ribbon is easily obtainable and YOU can make YOUR OWN, thereby infusing it with YOUR LOVING energy to START with!!

ALL of US want a BETTER, more BEAUTIFUL Spiritual World and we ARE doing OUR bit every DAY, let's take THIS into OUR OWN hands also and HELP lift the vibrations of OUR SoulFriends that need that little extra help, WE ALL BEnefit from it in the End!!

☼ GLOW!!

•●*•°♥LOVE ♥ ONEness ♥ •*●•

Spread the love ♥ Please Pass it ON...

*Thank YOU BEautiFUL GoDdESseS!*

love & light
Trace x

Marie Antionette wig how to make

I wanted to share wig making with you -
possibly a helpful note for doll
ADO mini monthly challenge in June 2010
- Marie Antionette

Here is an image showing the steps as how to accomplish the 1770's hair style on a wig.

Wig link

Have you read the book

"What Marie-Antoinete Wore To The Revolution"

VERY interesting to anyone intrigued with her life, dresses, hair, etc.

There's an entire section about Rose Bertin & Leonard and how they used to construct her lucious "Pouffs" out of wire, layered with ribbon & horse hair & the wearer's hair, etc to reach the heights that were desired.

They would be so extraordinary that they would have compelte scenes made into them
(a pasture with a babbling brook, or a tree with birds singing - and MA's famous ship inspired Pouff!)
The ladies couldn's sleep with them
(had to sleep sitting up with large, cone-shaped coverings on them)
- often bugs, and small vermon nested in them
(which is why they had "elegant" head scratchers to scratch their heads),
often their Pouffs were so high they had to lie down in their carriages to protect them against the roof.
Once MA began spending more time at Petit Trianon although she began dressing more simply (gausse dresses, etc.)
The Pouff remained - HOWEVER, all visitors to that residence had to wear appropriate Pouffs which featured vegatables, fruit, flowers
- things that were "simple", to reflect her "Little Village".

By Amelia-marie

Happy creating :-) Trace x

...and where do faeries dwell?

At the bottom of an English country garden....

Well with snow and the cold on my doorstep my mind cant help but wander off to the images of spring.....
although at present seems quite far away...
I look upon these images and my creative juices flow....
I wanted to share with you the beauty that brings with it more smiles after the snow......

This garden won Best in Show by designer Julian Dowle
Royal Hospital Chelsea's residents had this garden made in their honour.
The garden was a mix of all the things the old soldiers missed about England when away at war.

Designed with a romantic notion of 'Blighty' (England).
A crumbling thatched country pub led out onto a patio, vegetable plot and pond.
Foxgloves, roses and a horse chestnut tree grew tall around the pub.

Every nook and cranny was packed with realistic touches, like the bicycle,
bunting and broken fence.
The 'Dig for Victory' vegetable patch was reminiscent of the hardships of the time,
and a real Chelsea Pensioner was on hand in his red coat uniform to add authenticity.

Gold-medal winning Chelsea Flower Show garden

At the far end of the garden was a field of poppies, remembering those lost in the wars.

Chelsea Pensioners Garden

What can you see at the bottom of your garden this spring?

In the eighteenth century fairy poetry was represented by
Tickell’s Kensington Gardens,

which reveals the secret history of
the London park.

Again fairies are consigned to the distant past:

The landscape now so sweet we well may praise:
But far, far sweeter in its ancient days,
Far sweeter was it, when its peopled ground
With fairy domes and dazzling towers was crown’d.
Where in the midst those verdant pillars spring,
Rose the proud palace of the Elfin king…
Their midnight pranks the sprightly fairies play’d
On every hill, and danc’d in every shade.
But, foes to sun-shine, most they took delight
In dells and dales conceal’d from human sight:

These fairies of Kensington Gardens are revived in
The Little White
in the early twentieth century, when they befriend the baby
Peter Pan.

Love & light
Trace x

Friday, 8 January 2010

Robert Pattinson interview...

Its an older interview but covers alot of topics away from Twilight saga ...
so thought I would share as I know there are some other RPatz fans out there too lol


love & light
Trace x

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

ADO TDP doll journal....the humble beginnings...

Deckle scissors
are on the ready...hee hee (one of my fav tools lol)

Papers are all aged front & back - via the good ol' tea bags

Gotta add some wax..

just a quick snap of a few pages...wip

I think the above page is one of my fav already....

More to follow soon ....selecting images for the doll's mood to place in journal...hmmmn...
Need to create covers get cracking!

love & light
Trace x

Piano by Robert Pattinson..


Robert Pattinson is actually playing the piano...very talented gentleman ...

love & light
& sweetest of dreams
Trace x

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

ADO Travelling Doll Project 2010

Project begins January 4th 2010, and end in September 2010.

Wow I am excited to be a part of this project this year...

What is the traveling Doll Project?

This project is a collaboration of artists, all working individually on a group doll.
Usually a team of 6 people - but I am a part of a mini round - 3 people as my first TDP.

Each doll will take a journey...starting and ending in the same place with a whole new look and story.
A journal will travel with each doll that will tell the story from the start, middle, and the end of the dolls adventure.

I will post the doll journal entries on blog
- our first shipping date is by the 5th Febuary 2010
...across the pond she shall go ;-)

Link to the blog below is a online journal where all participants (different teams) will share their adventure with you....

My partners are:

Your ETSY store
Do you have a blog?
Do you have a website?
Do you have a flickr?
What is your favorite movie?
Pride and Prejudice (Martha I am with you on this choice, one of my favs too lol)
tell us a little about yourself...
I love painting and sculpting.
One will always take me back to the other.
I was working on a series of little girls ACEO paintings, and then I wanted to see them in 3D so I went back to clay (polymer and paperclay) and just fell in love with Art Dolls! :o)


Your ETSY store
Do you have a blog?
tell us a little about yourself...
I have a wonderful life.
I live in central Florida, one of the most beautiful places on earth.
I have two children and three amazing grandchildren.
I am an elementary art teacher so I am in the creative mode daily.
I love to read and to work in the garden.
I dabble in all types of art.
I have been painting for over thirty years and have just recently started making dolls. I work with polymer clay and my imagination.
When I am making my dolls, I forget about time and sometimes look at the clock and it is three o'clock in the morning.
I haven't found a niche for one type of doll yet.
I do love Halloween and Christmas so I know that spooky and glitzy dolls are in my future.
I feel honoured and very excited to have such wonderful, artistic partners, yay! Updates will be made via our blogs and blog at ADO - Art Dolls Only

love & light
Trace x