Saturday, 28 July 2012

Faery dust recipe...

Sprinkle with faery dust!

To draw out the bliss inherent in our nature, create your own "fairy  dust." This potion may be used to anoint magickal tools, amulets and  candles for spelling happiness. It also makes a wonderful gift.

 This special celebration of magick requires an extensive list of ingredients  including:

 -A clear, pink, amethyst, or iridescent glass vial or bottle   
(Note: Hand-Blown Egyptian bottles are nice for this)
 -A small piece of polished rose quartz
 -Pieces of mica
 -A fresh flower blossom, small enough to fit in the opening of your chosen  flask (pixie carnations and sweetheart rose buds are fitting choices, a  small lavender bud is tiny, too.)
 -Charms of fairy, butterfly, star forms
 -Pink or rainbow-hued ribbon (holographic ribbon works nicely)
 -Small bells or a chiming sphere
 -A quartz or lead crystal point
 -A piece of parchment
 -Silver and gold ink
 -A pink candle
 -A small bottle of jojoba for the potion base
 -All or any of these oils to blend: Benzoin, Geranium, Jasmine, Neroli  and Ylang-Ylang

 Listen for the sound of children's laughter as you pursue this quest,
it  is the most powerful fairy enchantment of all.

 During the waxing Moon, light the pink candle and set it to burn.
Create  a pleasing essential blend from the oils you have selected.
Mix the  blend with enough jojoba to fill your chosen vessel.
Don't skimp. The  essence should be strong.

 Crumble the mica into fine pieces. Add them to the  jojoba.
 If you have chosen a clear vial or bottle, you may wish to give  it a pale tint of pink.
Tint the jojoba before mixing it with the  essential oils.
You may do this with a trace of red food coloring.

 Fill the vial with the jojoba, essential blend and mica particles.
On  the parchment, trace a circle with silver ink.
Next draw four  semi-circles, evenly spaced around,
overlapping the first circle at the  four cardinal points, to form four crescents,
with the ends of the  semi-circles pointing away from the center.
This represents the full  moon and her four quarters.
 It is recognized as the Icelandic Wishing Rune.

 Picture yourself in an enraptured state of bliss, surrounded by flowers.
Your heart feels as light as a butterfly on the wing.
With this feeling,  draw in gold ink, the rune, "Wunjo.

*Wunjo rune*
(The viking rune Wunjo is another ancient occult symbol. 
This rune is very powerful it brings brings luck and hope 
and joy to those overcoming great odds.)

Roll the parchment tightly and seal it with a short tie of ribbon and a  drop of pink wax.
Add the following to your potion in this order:
the  rose quartz, the flower blossom and parchment scroll.
Stopper the bottle  and eal it with a generous amount of pink wax.
You want to do this by  melting a pool of wax in a container
only slightly larger than the top  of the bottle.

Invert the bottle and fully immerse the area of the  opening in the melted wax.
You will need to work quickly, unless you  have a brazier or something to keep it warm.
(If you're using a bottle  with a stopper, such as the Egyptian style bottles,
just drop the wax  evenly between the space of the stopper and the bottle.)
Finish by tying  with ribbon and fastening the charm(s),
 the crystal and the bells to the  knot or bow.

The recipe is a secret between jasmoon butterfly, the fae and you.
Its your first step in building their trust.

Permission is given to spread the goodwill faery dust recipe on people that are kind,
giving and warm in spirit :0)

Sow the faery love!

* click the picture to take you to the link of source*

Love & light

Friday, 27 July 2012

A witches apothecary blog event Sep' 2012..

Treat yourself this Halloween by joining Artfully Musing where 
She’ll show you how to build a witches apothecary. 
 During the month of September, she’ll post a series of free video tutorials where
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As part of the event she’ll be having a special giveaway for those who build their own apothecary.  
More details will be announced as the date for the event draws closer.

I hope you’ll join in the fun and help me spread the word by visiting Artfully Musing 
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Hopefully you will join in the fun, its an excuse to get those bottles out and apply some creativity :0)

love & light

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Just one of those days..erm mornings!

This morning has been a mad one! 
I have to share .... one of my crazy days! Lol

(Yep looked like me at 2.30 am)

Dogs barking crazy at silly o'clock ok 2.30 am to be precise, 
then a mad buzzing flying thing ...flying around the kitchen,
I tried to keep it contained in the kitchen and shut the door
 but it escaped into the living room I have no idea!

Oh the dogs went crazy, Geezer caught it in mid air and 
I admit even though I do not like to kill insects this one had to go,
my green handbag was the only thing in sight during the mad panic....and that was that.

(yep just like that one!)

Nope that was not to be the end of my crazy early morning adventures.
Now awake I started to Pin ( terrible addiction)
..suddenly out of nowhere a spider nearly landed on my nose!!!
I took his web-spin and placed him on the floor to freely scatter off. (My good deed).

Now I was WIDE awake.

Later in the morning, yep the sun came up, 
I looked out of my kitchen door and a single magpie was on the tree ...
Never has one been seen in my garden.
Well after my morning turn of events I crazily said
'Good morning Mr.Magpie, how's your misses'
I read once that is what to say if you see a single Magpie.
Gotta admit it's worth the saying if superstitions are true, 
rather not take any chances if you know what I mean ;0)

So dear blog world that was my morning,
 fingers crossed (yep another superstition) that the day improves.
Although the whole shenanigans in the early hours is quite funny when I look back at it, 
apart from my weakness in the help of finalization in an insect passing.

Anyway..moving on below is the old Magpie superstition here in the UK.
Its funny people will say that they are not superstitious
 but once something happens no-one wants to tempt fate, 
so they do the balance out/cancelling thing..hee hee just like moi!

So here we go the origins of the lore:

"One for Sorrow" is a traditional children's nursery rhyme about magpies.
According to an old superstition, the number of magpies
 one sees determines if one will have bad luck or not.

The rhyme has its origins in superstitions connected with magpies,
considered a bird of ill omen in some cultures, and in Britain,
at least as far back as the early sixteenth century.
The rhyme was first recorded around 1780 in a note in John Brand's Observations
on Popular Antiquitites on Lincolnshire with the lyric:

One for sorrow,
Two for mirth,
Three for a wedding,
And four for death

One of the earliest versions to extend this was published,
with variations, in M. A. Denham's Proverbs and Popular Saying of the Seasons (London, 1846):

One for sorrow,
Two for luck; (or mirth)
Three for a wedding,
Four for death; (or birth)
Five for silver,
Six for gold;
Seven for a secret,
Not to be told;
Eight for heaven,
Nine for [hell]
And ten for the d[evi]l's own sell!

On occasion, jackdaws, crows, bluebirds, and other Corvidae are associated with the rhyme,
particularly in America where magpies are less common.
Blackbirds have also been used in place of magpies (probably due to their coloring), though they belong to the family Turdidae.


1.Tip your actual or imaginary hat and say morning/afternoon Captain. 
It is supposed to stop bad luck and bring good luck.

 2. Salute it and say "good morning mr magpie wheres your lovely wife today"

However usually if you look around there is usually more than one magpie
at any 1one time as they mate for life awww.

Like many other birds, magpies mate for life. The pair will stick together and where you see one,
 you'll nearly always see the other nearby. Genetic studies, however,
show that females are not averse to a little bit of spice in the herb garden
with the result that about one in 15 baby magpies is not the child of the male of the pair.
Gangs of magpies in breeding season often consist of a happy couple along with a lot of hopeful single males.

Magpies build strange nests of twigs with a domed roof on them to protect them from predators.
The female incubates the green speckled eggs, but both parents provide food for the chicks,
 who remain in the nest for about a month.

For the rest of the year, magpies tend to hang around in large groups,
sometimes as many as 100.
These appear to be extended families living together and helping each other.

Origin of the Name

The word 'magpie' comes from 'Margaret Pie'.
Mag is a shortened form of the name Margaret.
Pie comes from the Latin name for the bird, pica.
The words 'piebald' and 'pied' (meaning of two colours, especially black and white)
both come from the word 'magpie'.

Other Magpies

The name is also used for some other related species of long-tailed birds;
Blue and Green magpies of Asia: Cyanopica, Cissa and Urocissa.
The Australian Bell-magpies (Gymnorhina), are unrelated,
being called magpies because of their black and white plumage.
They are, however, short-tailed and sing with a musical voice.

Source(s): and Wikkipedia

Well that's my bit for today, mad & interesting I hope in a crazy sort of way :0)

Here's wishing you all see two magpies x
(on blog tee hee)

Love, peace & light

Digital collage play

Digital play

I saw my old Polyvore play pieces earlier today and just had to go back and visit.
Polyvore is a digital collage playground, you can upload your own pics or use images already uploaded.
Let more know how you get on over there  :0)

It can be as addictive as Pinterest - and that's saying something! :0)

I wanted to make a new banner for my blog but it needs to be longer ...I think.
Well it gives me an excuse to go back huh lol

It would be great if I knew how to use photoshop, one day I will ...forever positive!

I kept playing...   :0)

I started off with this:

Now which one do you prefer?

I want to try filters on these too...more fun (tee hee)

See you again soon

Love, peace & light

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Jasmoon Butterfly....

The dreamer...

I am the keeper of the secret realm
the sacred place we all can visit

I am known as the dreamer
- for tis the place I love to be

visualizations to escape the mundane
- a form of meditation
- a tonic for ones soul
tis the place I like most to go

A waterfall ...gently cascading into a rounded pool
around this such beauty

ancient trees abound with only natures sound
A large oak provides shelter
- tis strongest of all
A flower grows upon the rocky banks...
red in colour ... a beauty standing tall

Glistening sunlight upon the pool
my reflection whispers as the water falls ...
company is here if I request it at all

for I am the keeper of the secret realm.....



Monday, 23 July 2012

The freedom of a dream....

This is a video I put together while thinking about the main character of a book I write from time to time.

It is simple and short, but I hope you still enjoy.
I had fun and after all that's what counts :0)

Please feel free to leave a comment , thank you x

love & light

My first video :0)

HI :0)

I have put my first video together, it was great fun!
 I still have lots to improve upon, but overall I am happy with it :0)

love & light