Sunday, 15 May 2016

Are you interested in writing?

The Open University (UK) offer free online courses.
From the website ~
Have you always wanted to write, but never quite had the courage to start? This first free course, Start writing fiction, will give you an insight into how authors create their characters and settings. You will also be able to look at the different genres for fiction.

Before, during or after the course you may also like to view a variety of related content on OpenLearn, we've collated a range of free content to enable you to take your learning further, with more in-depth, free features - including activities and exercises, interviews with writers and relevant free courses to support your learning and give you a wider perspective on this fascinating subject.

You may also like to watch a video of Dr Derek Neale, senior lecturer in Creative Writing at The Open University read from his short story 'Land of their Fathers' and tell us what inspires him to write in an interview.
Try more free creative writing courses: HERE & HERE
  1. Writing what you know
  2. Start writing plays
  3. Writing Poetry
  4. Creative Writing
  5. Start writing fiction: characters and stories
  6. Approaching poetry
  7. What is good writing?
  8. Reading
  9. What is poetry?
  10. Approaching prose fiction
Extras ~  other interesting courses