Sunday, 9 May 2010

Titania film required :-)


TITANIA is written and directed by Lisa Stock, and produced by InByTheEye Films.

A low-budget fantasy which relies on a strong story, compelling characters, and creativity. TITANIA is a retelling of the fairy tale of the Armless Maiden through Shakespeare's faery queen. The story is romantic, shocking, intense, and ultimately hopeful!


As the result of a misunderstanding, the faery queen, Titania, is banished from the forest surrounding her estate, closed off from her beloved realm. However, when she defies this edict and enters the forest, she finds herself suddenly betrayed by one of her own and brutally attacked. After her wings are torn from her body, the queen sets out on a journey of rediscovery to become whole again...

Please help by spreading the word and if possible by making a small donation...
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This unique project has already garnered an enthusiastic fan base, numerous features in the press, and growing interest within the fantasy industry.

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A sample of what your donations will fund:
fake blood
computer drive to store the footage on
production insurance
location fee
transportation and food
and much more...

"Carefully selected locations, accomplished actors, experienced crew and brilliant stories all bloom in the hands of this visionary and extremely talented woman. ...
A skillful alchemist at work."

-Be Montague, FAERIE MAGAZINE, Fall '09 issue

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