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Fairy house tutorial...

You are never too old for faeries.
If you have an old, unused dollhouse in the attic,
it can come back to life with some attention and creativity.
Take your old dollhouse and transform it into a beautiful and whimsical faerie house.

Vandalize your dollhouse.
Yes, vandalize it. Smash out the windows,
tear out the stairs if you want.
Keep the door, but get rid of the plastic.
(Faeries don't like plastic much.)

Paint the dollhouse with natural colors.
If you don't do this, you will have some colors showing through and it might not look right.
One method is to use spray paint,
and paint it with tones of grey and brown.
(Make sure you use a respirator.)

Collect materials for your home.
They must be dry or the glue won't stick to them.
For lap siding, you can use cat tail leaves.
You can also make a stone cottage, or cover it with birch bark.
Norway Pines have wonderful bark for shingles on the roof.
Use old slips, fabric and lace for curtains.
Layer them for a good effect.
To detail the house, you might find some great shapes in potpourri,
or from dried flowers from the garden.

Use hot wood glue and a glue gun to put it all together.
If you can't find hot wood glue sticks,
you can use regular, but it might not last as long.


If the house is plastic or smooth, things won't stick very well.
You can glue burlap or fabric to the house first,
and it will help the other materials stick to it.
Try to use natural colors.

For a whimsical look, layer lace, gauze or other sheer materials to the windows.
You can also make it look like the wind is blowing by manipulating the curtains.


Keep a bowl of cold water, some burn cream,
or anything else to soothe burns near you
in case you burn yourself on the glue gun or glue.
If you haven't used a hot glue gun,
practice for a while. Don't touch the tip.
This will not hold up for long in the elements.
Do not put it outside unless you are willing to let it fall apart.


Wikihow is a great tutorial site, please click on link to visit.
This LINK takes you to making fae food.

Enjoy :0)

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Fairy Watching Field Guide

Fairy Watchers Book tutorial

While browsing the net researching via my creative muse,
I found this wonderful field guide that I just had to share with you all :0)
Please fly by and comment on her work...

I am sure she would luv the feedback fairy much :0)

A short post (yes unusual for me) *giggles*

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Victorian fairy lights...

The After Glow of the Fairy Lamp

Can you imagine your home without our modern lighting?
Originally candles of all types were used to light homes.
Even today, when a storm takes out our electricity, most of us still revert to using candles.

Many changes occured through the years to improve the effectiveness of the light illuminated.
Finally in 1840 a new type of small, fat candle was developed.
These candles were encased with paper and set in a saucer of water to burn for any hours.
(It was also speculated that the water helped reduce the danger of fire,
a common tragedy of the Victorian era.)

Samuel Clarke was one of several designers in England working on lighting devices.

His patent, dated December 14, 1885, appears to be the basis of all fairy lamps.

The patent describes a glass cup covered witha dome.

In his patent he states that his improvements allow the light of the candle to be reflected through the dome and allows light to pass through the melted material.

It is not known for sure why Clarke decided to use a fairy as his trademark.

We can only assume that the light reminded him of a a fairy twinkling in the darkness.

His original candle cups have a fairy embossed on the bottom.

Clarke's fairy lamps became so popular that all small candle lamps today are simply referred to as "fairy lights".

Fairy lamps were extremely popular during the 1880s and '90s.

and continued to be popular inot the early 1900s.

Popularity faded in the '20s. Fairy lamps continued to be made as decorative items.

All production ended in the 1940s.

(With the availability of electricity, usage of fairy lamps waned in the 1920s and by the 1940s,
production ceased.)

During the 1950s the Fenton Art Glass company revived the fairy lamp.

Since that time hundreds have been made in many shapes, colors and sizes.

They still make fairy lamps today.

Other glass companies have also made fairy lamps:

Westmoreland, Viking, Indiana, LG Wright, Mosser and LE Smith among them.

Now, one hundred years later,
Clarke's fairy lamps are still as popular as theywere back in the 1880s and '90s!
Glass collectors as well as fairy lamp and lighting specialists seek out examples in everything from satinized cranberry to peachblow glass.
-Debbie Coe

Fairy lamps :
Their original purpose was utilitiarian, so they were frequently sold in boxed sets, a dozen at a time.
The typical pieces included the base, a cup for the candle, and the chimney or shade.
Over the years, their designs became more complex and ornate, though overall, most remained small,
standing four to six inches tall.
Clarke's original lamps feature a fairy embossed into the bottom,
known as "fairy lamps."
They became extremely popular, due to the sudden affordability of mass-produced glass and candles,
and were frequently used to illuminate nurseries, sickrooms, and hallways.
Samuel Clarke even designed a fairy lamp in the shape of a crown in honor of Queen Victoria's Jubilee.

The Queen reportedly purchased 1,500 of these lamps "for her own use".

The World's Fair in Chicago featured an island lit by fairy lamps,
3,000 of which were donated by Samuel Clarke.

Extra info:

Fairy lamps also came on elaborate stands, pottery bases, wall plaques,
chandeliers or epergnes, often with nosegay type flower holders.
Samuel Clarke had them made by other great names of the day,
Royal Worcester, Doulton, Taylor Tunnicliffe, Thomas Webb & Sons and Stevens & Williams.

In the late 1890’s Clarke patented the "Cricklite" style of candle lamp with clearglass domes

(Silk shades were extra) to go with the ever changing Victorian tastes

and to compete with the more modern types of lighting (gas & electricity).

Cricklites were expensive but could be seen and used in dinner settings,

they provided ample lighting to enhance a formal or festive occasion.

Then in 1910 The Clarke Candle Company was sold to The Price Candle Company.

They are beautiful and unique pieces of art and are the essence of all things Victorian.

They are delicate and elegant pieces which are a reminder of our past.

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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Faery luv, a treasury of ethereal charm...

Flower Goddess Ring

Show off your Flower Goddess style in this genuine solid sterling silver
and clear 14mm 16.5 Carat quartz crystal cushion checkerboard cut ring.

It is big and very bold. Flowers add accent to the band and the prongs are flowers too.

The quartz is AAA grade and spectacular.

The height on the basket from the top of the stone to the shank is just under half an inch.

The inside of the ring is stamped 925. Comes in a gift box.

This ring is size 7.

Quartz is the most powerful energy amplifying stone. Quartz is an excellent healing stone and it enhances physic abilities.

Queen of the May Ring

Visions of spring, and beautiful flowering trees in my garden inspired
this ring crafted by me of recycled sterling silver and a fair trade grape garnet set in gleaming 14kt gold.
The blossom was forged, filed, textured and shaped to take on the graceful appearance
of an apple blossom and hand sawn and textured leaves vine up the sides of the shank (ring band).
I gave the silver an antique look by oxidizing and brushing off the high points for a matte finish.

My wild rose hallmark is stamped on the outside of the band. Garnets are the birthstone for January.

♡ Ring would best fit a US size 7-8

♡ Grape garnet is a natural, untreated stone, measuring 5 mm.

♡ Blossom is approx. 1" in width

Fairie Ring charm

Tiny sterling silver "Diamond" solitaire ring. Small enough to be for a Fairie.

Artisan created of sterling silver, and a sparkling cubic zirconia.

Fairy Dust Necklace

Twilight White: Predominantly white with an antique holograph hue to the glitter.

This handmade whimsy was crafted using a thick, medical- grade 2ml glass vial that stands 1.25 inches tall
(not including the cork).
Securely adorning the neck is an antiqued silver fairy charm.

Will come on a 24 inch silver ball chain necklace and packaged in a small organza bag.
The cork has been sealed to keep your fairy dust safely inside.

Ancient Avalon Ritual Milk Bath

*~Ancient Avalon Ritual Bath Milk

- Bathe in prior to performing any spells and rituals involving helping connect one to the magick of Avalon and to draw on the wisdom of the Goddess.

Cross the mists of Avalon and be enchanted...~
* The purpose of a ritual bath is to cleanse oneself of negative energies and stresses from the day and prepare your physical, mental and spiritual self for your circle and spellwork.

A ritual bath is a rite in and of itself and is ideally done just before you cast your circle.
Our ritual milk baths are blended with dried milk, natural sea salts from the crystal,
blue waters of Brazil and organic herbs and essential oils to provide an enchanting scent that will fill your senses and help you get in the mindset to create wonderful magick!

Light a few candles, or a dozen (safety first please)
and allow the wonderful and exotic scent of the bath to take you away to a place of pure passion, peace and love.

We include a muslin bag for you to place the milk bath in to take away having to worry about having herbs stuck here and there when you get out or stuck around the sides of your tub.

So just add a bit of the mixture and allow warm water to run over the bag to help disperse the blend.

You can then use the bag to ‘wash’ yourself with, helping you to relax and focus on the ritual at hand.

For this listing you get a little over 3 and 1/2 ounces (by weight)
of our Ancient Avalon Ritual Milk Bath Blend in a zip-lock bag with a re-useable muslin bag, which is enough for about two baths depending on how much you use at a time.

If you would like a larger amount of the bath milk please contact us and we would be happy to put up a special listing for you. We can even package them in a pretty corked glass jar with a charm and decorative ribbon,
for an additional fee. Ingredients:
Dried Milk, Brazilian Sea Salt, Pink Rose Petals, Lavender Buds, Jasmine, Lemon Verbena, Vanilla Powder,
Sweet Woodruff, Heather and Essential Oils of Lavender and Petitgrain.

Happiness Spell Bottle

Inside of this orange and yellow themed witch's bottle is a powerful happiness spell.

The bottle contains fragrant herbs,
plant material and gemstones which are all known to induce joy and a sense of peace and tranquility.
Citrus such as orange and lemon have long been associated with purifying the spirit.

The scroll is a series of happiness-related words written in the ancient Theban alphabet,
an incantation to banish the negative with powerful positive energy.

Keep in the home anywhere you feel a need to draw in positive energies,
or in a space that needs a little purifying after negative occurences.

Wards off sadness, depression, anger and bad emotions.

This spell bottle is also "viewer-friendly"
- it kind of blends in with your spices in the kitchen,
in case you don't want anyone to know you're up to witchery ;)
This item measures approx. 7" high.

Treasure Box

*To see the award-winning Fae Factory creations,
featured in international media and magazines, go to

The most precious things in life can often be held in the palm of your hand.
Or, in a handsome little box!
What memories do you long for?

What sentiments do you already have?
Each Treasure Box is hand made with romantic artistry and elegance,
perfect for jewelry, love letters and keepsakes. ...

When you own one of these boxes, you invite more treasures and magical adventures into your life.

These Fae Factory Treasure Boxes are featured in Haute Handbags Magazine, with rave reviews.
The final photo in this listing shows two of the three-page spread from the magazine.
These are more than just boxes, they are sculptures.

Non-toxic clay, earth-friendly paint, antique jewelry findings and hardware are included in these beautiful works.

This Treasure Box is approximately 4" wide x 3" tall. (with leaves it's 6" wide x 5.5" tall)

Tattered lace collar

Collar is just pretty and has the vintage look.
I used somewhite pure lace on the edges and some creamy pale beige tattered lace for the core.
the creamy beige lace is salvaged from a vintage dress and hass many small holes ,
and is ripped-part of the vampire vintage style design.
I recomend to match it with a vintage art nouveau pin/brooch for the extra glamour.

size the midle is 16 inch long, the edges 23 inch,abouth 12 inch wdh.

When you wish upon a star, where can you save your wish until it comes true?

The best place is safely inside a magical Stardust Bottle!

This vintage look bottle is filled with sparkling blue "stardust"
and tiny bright stars and comes sealed with twilight blue beeswax
but can be easily opened so you can add your own wishes!

Outside bottle is adorned with shiny blue tulle and very fine silver thread with stars hanging from the ends.
Around the bottle neck hangs an antiqued paper that reminds you of the star-wishing poem.

The front label is hand written, hand tinted, and hand torn for a beautiful vintage look.

This is the perfect "potion" to take with you next time you wish on a star!✭

Bottle measures 5" tall (with cork) and 3-1/2" at the widest part.
NOTE: Each bottle is delicately made by hand and may vary SLIGHTLY to what is shown in the photos.
Message can be personalized to include almost any quote and/or name of someone special,
at NO EXTRA CHARGE, of course! ♥

Sleeping Fairy

Handcrafted concrete sleepy fairy statue!

Bring the enchanting world of Fairies,
Gnomes and other Wee Folk into your home and garden with this beautiful garden fairy.

I found her waaaay at the bottom of my garden sanctuary fast asleep in the shade beneath the cool bushes.
She is exhausted from watching all the wee pixies that have been born here lately - and we all know they can be a handful! (These pictures just do not do her justice!)

❤ Believe! ❤

Cement Fairy Statue is approximately 5.5" Long x 4" Tall x 3" Wide

Druzy Ring

genuine gemstone quartz crystal druzy ring, set in sterling silver. size 8.
stone measurement is .75 x .5 of an inch in size.
one of a kind! high sparkle, gorgeous pink and lavender color palate.
incredible visual appeal, teardrop shape. stunning, statement piece jewelry.

Vintage Ring

♥ Vintage ♥

"Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale"

Let this breathtaking butterfly ring warm your heart and take your breath away.
Start feeling butterflies again.

This lovely butterfly is a Victorian Stamping.
It is approx. 1 and 3/4 inches and is perched on to of a filigree ring base.
A Swarovski Crystal surrounded in flowers and vines floats upon its wings.
These rings are very special.
Each one is made from a vintage butterfly stamping that is rarely seen in silver.
I then take one, shape it by hand to fit the crystal,
then shape the flowers to surround and hold each stone securely in place.
They are truly spectacular.
They sit up off your hand so they do not hinder everyday tasks, like typing or any kind of hand work.
They are extremely comfortable to wear.

I have 2 ring bases I can use for your ring.
One is very nice for smaller fingers, sizes 5 to 8, the other, is extremely comfortable for fingers sizes 8 .
Both are very good quality, and Victorian filigree stampings.

I will use the one pictured unless asked to use the other.
The one pictured fits size 5-9.


Turquoise is a wonderful stone for connecting the Spirit realms with the physical,
it can help you learn about your Spirit guides and assist in healing.

Be sure to read the article that I wrote about turquoise below to learn about its metaphysical properties...
I love to give good descriptions of my handmade items!

Here is a beautiful pink stabilized turquoise bracelet
that is made of free form stabilized turquoise beads that have a beautiful and sweet energy to them.

The bracelet is adjustable and has two little carnelian beads on the end of it.
I have infused this bracelet with Reiki energy, so when you get it,
it will radiate a nice loving Reiki energy feel to it.

In a nutshell things that are infused with Reiki, like this bracelet,
are basically charged up with loving, positive, healing energy that will radiate outward from them.
So the person wearing this necklace will absorb that Reiki energy.
Some people even tell me that they can feel the energy from my jewelery...
I know I can, but to some people, it is more subtle.
Either way, the energy is there and will only do good and make you feel good too!

Question Pendulum Reading

Please submit your question with a yes no or maybe answer.
Sometimes I also get insights which I will also send you in your reading email.

Please allow 24 -48 hours for your reading via email.
If I need any clarity I will contact you about the question and then proceed to doing your reading.

Blessed Be!!!!

Fairy Ladder

This is a handmade ladder in happy shades of purple representing the a fairies favorite color-purple!

Beads and fairy charms will wary.
There is a thin white ribbon representing innocence and belief in the mystical.

There are also 3 charms, 2 fairies and a key to the land of Tir na Nog
(also could be the land of Myth and Not).

This measures 48" long approximately.
This ladder can grace your altar, your garden, and you!

Wrap it around your wrist or neck to attract the fae!
Your ladder is made to order and may VARY slightly in color,
there may be key or pentacle or castle charms in addition to the fairy charm.

Always keep rosemary by your garden gate, plant lavender for luck and fall in love whenever you can.
" Sally Owens, from the movie "Practical Magic"
I must state that this is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY".

Your responsibility is to BELIEVE.

Fairy Gothic Choker

macrame knots on this choker using black 12ply unwaxed soft hemp.
This is my personal 6 string flat lace like pattern,
with tight close together knots that hold their shape even after the piece has broken in.
This hemp is also very comfortable and soft.

The pendant is a pewter casting of a fairy goddess figure with a very feminine physique,
reaching towards the sky in the traditional goddess stance.
I enameled her wings with an metallic royal blue paint.
This made a great match for the glass beads.

For bead I used 5 pewter castings with royal blue swarovski crystals inset.
We also have these crystals in dark green, purple and turquoise,
and they can be made as such upon request.

For a finishing elegant touch, I added dangly chain work.

The choker fits a 13-16" neck with the adjustable extension (will be added upon shipment)
It closes with a stainless steel clasp.

A custom size can also be made upon request.

Fairy Spirit Board

One of a kind "Fairy "Spirit Board with fleur de lis shaped blanchette.

Approx. size 14" by 10 1/4" wide.

A Ouija board (from the French and German words for "yes", oui and ja, and usually pronounced /ˈwiːdʒiː/ in English),
also known as a spirit board or talking board,
is a flat board marked with letters, numbers, and other symbols,
supposedly used to communicate with spirits.

It uses a planchette (small heart-shaped piece of wood)
or movable indicator to indicate the spirit's message by spelling it out on the board during a séance.

The fingers of the séance participants are placed on the planchette,
which then moves about the board to spell out messages

bridal wedding brooch bouquet

This elegant bridal bouquet is made from enamel flower and butterfly brooches.
The flowers each have a diamanté in the centre and the butterflies have purple crystals on their bodies
and the edges of their wings which catch the light.

The flowers are all lilac with a creamy-white centre and the butterflies are a silver coloured metal
with purple enamel going through to white on the wings.
There is also an enamelled deep blue butterfly as a highlight.

The bouquet has been finished off with lilac ribbon and purple ribbon finishes the handle.

Measurements approx: 7" wide and 10" tall.

Fairy Field Guide Kit Shadowbox

A fabulous shadowbox done in a Fairy theme.

Created from a wooden box...

The box was painted green and hand stamped with a brown leaf pattern.
There is a vial of cloves and a vial of assorted types of tree bark.
A corked jar of moss and a corked jar of rowan wood.
A beautiful piece of gold pyrite. A specimen amber bottle with wax on it.
A collection of flower charts, and butterfly charts. Birch bark.
A real vintage silver spoon with dried jasmine flowers.
A pinecone and a rosebud. Applewood branch.
A butterfly wing. Various mosses and leaves.
Lots of detail for you to discover.

Measures approximately 7 1/2 inches long by about 4 inches high.

Hanging piece with two brass ring hangers to hold it securely on the wall.

Ever wanted to leave something special for a gift to the faeries,
the god and goddess, at a sacred site, spring, wishing well or a gift for the earth?

Or perhaps you have taken something from the earth, say wood for a wand, a flower, or rock, etc.
and you want to give a special gift of thanks,
but find yourself worrying about leaving something that may be harmful to the earth?

Well our Faerie Cakes Herbal Offering Stones are a perfect solution!

They are hand-made from natural ingredients including organic Lavender buds,
Rose petals and organic essential oils and each is sprinkled with a shimmering mica dust.

Because these offering stones are not fired they will eventually disappear over time leaving nothing but
their love and magick behind.
These make perfect gifts for any earth or faerie lover.

You get a pack of 10 in a cute organza bag.

**Due to the nature of the ingredients
these stones need to be kept in a very dry area to keep the stones from turning to mush before use.

Fairy Purse

It is dark purple with a fabulous hand painted fairy dressed in a lighter color purple on the top.

An amethyst crystal adorns the right corner with a skeleton key as an added accent.
The ornate metal handle adds to the vintage look of the purse.

The color purple is good for emotional,mental, and spiritual health.

In the magical world purple has powers to help in healing, break bad luck, help create success,
power to drive away evil, and higher psychic ability.

Size is approx. 4 1/4" wide and 7.5" length and 4 1/4" tall(not including handle)

Faerie Star

This copper filigree necklace holds a Faerie Star of Magic,
and was designed for someone who is attracted to the fae and wants to cultivate a deeper,
magical understanding of all their aspects: wild and cultured, kind and cruel,
compassionate and unyielding, capricious and yet constrained by rules.

I designed, hand-formed and hand-hammered each piece of the pendant star’s structure.
Using wire-wrapping and weaving techniques,
I assembled the star using a lovely black 18mm lampwork lentil bead
with a beautiful purple triskele from right here on Etsy
and 5mm faceted amethyst gemstone rondelles.

Sacred spirals are a prominent feature in this peace,
including one on the back of the pendant to keep the lampwork bead from spinning.

Using more of the amethyst rondelles,
I designed, hand-formed and hand-hammered a chain link necklace with a hook-and-eye clasp to complement the pendant.
I gave the pendant and clasp a warm brown patina, and then buffed and waxed both.

The pendant measures 3 5/8" x 3 5/8" (9.22x9.22cm); the necklace measures 17" (43.18cm).

This seven-pointed star (septagram) symbolizes the belief in faeries and magic. I dedicated this star to the element of Magic. The other six elements are the Sun, the Forest, the Wind, the Moon, the Sea and the Spirit/Connection.

If you would like to know more about the faerie star and its meaning, please visit this link: HERE

Fairy wings necklace

fairy wings pendant. hand drawn cicada wings on plastic layered with tinted lacquer and glitter.
Centerpiece is brass, glass, and Swarovski crystal.

The lovely tail is brass and glass and plastic. Every single one of these is one of a kind.

I never make exactly the same pair twice! This lavender pair has a cute bell shaped flower at the end.

Bell shaped flowers are sacred to the fairies!

Faery Sight Incense

It has long been written that the gift of faery sight is very rare indeed.

For with it, you will find your healing powers enhanced, your divination more accurate,
and your ability to see into the otherworld stronger than ever before.

We have created this exquisite blend with the aid of the ancients to bring the power of Faery Sight into your workings.

Created using a rare blend of faery-blessed herbals, there is no other like it in existence today.

Hand ground organic herbs and botanicals with powdered and loose crystal gemstones are magically added to the blend.

To use, simply light the mixture and allow the heady scent to waft around you,
then inhale deeply and share in the magick that the gift of Faery Sight can bring.

Gaze upon the iridescent shimmer of faery wing dust that drenches each leaf and blossom
captured within this ethereal and otherworldly creation and know that you are now one of the faery blessed.

Faerie Tea

From the garden to your cup,
White Magick Alchemy artisan teas are hand-blended with sacred herbs and flowers from 100% organic harvests.

Whether you fancy tea in ritual, meditation, or just quiet contemplation of the day,
each brew is delightfully delicious and aromatic, and charged with White Magick, of course.

Faerie Tea is a wonderful aromatic tea to enjoy anytime and for use in rituals, spells and magick
to connect with and draw assistance during your spell workings with faeries and nature spirits.

Can also be used for other spell and ritual workings, filling poppets, sachets and spell potions.

A hand blended, all organic blend of Organic Poochong Tea (which is slightly less fermented than Oolong Tea)
and Jasmine Petals, Lavender, Chamomile, Red Raspberry Leaf and Red Rose.

Contains natural forms of caffeine, about 50% less than coffee.

To use:
Place desired amount of tea in tea infuser, steep 2 to 3 minutes and enjoy.

2.5 ounces of Organic Faerie Tea, packaged lovingly in a clear top storage tin.

Fairy Flower Crown

Silk flowers and leaves, ribbon, and faux sprigs.
This crown is 23 inches around. Handmade:)
I use strong wire and floral tape to make these.
Each bundle is individually wired and wrapped and then wrapped onto the main wire.

***Please measure your head to make sure it will fit. My crowns are not adjustable.
I make them so that they do not come apart.***

I believe in FAERIES

This magical winged locket is reminiscent of the film Peter Pan
where Peter and the other children say over and over
"I believe in faeries, I do, I do" to bring Tinkerbell back to life!
"When the first baby laughed for the first time,
the laugh broke into a thousand pieces and they all went skipping about,
and that was the beginning of fairies.
And now when every new baby is born its first laugh becomes a fairy.
So there ought to be one fairy for every boy or girl."
- Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie.
The beautifully detailed silver plated locket (measures 30mm x 22mm)
is fully openable so you can store a picture of a loved one or a small item close to your heart.

The words "I believe in Faeries" have been encased in glass for a high quality, enduring finish.
Attaching the locket to the chain is the most magical winged charm.

This lovely design is available on a silver plated curb chain in the following sizes
- a 16 inch chain - an 18 inch chain - a 24 inch chain

Opal Dragonfly Ring

~This stunning ring has all the delights you would find in a garden -
- wildflowers, a dragonfly, a bee and drops of crystal morning dew.

As with any enchanted garden, you’ll find an array of rainbow colors throughout this ring.
On one end of the ring is a bumblebee gathering pollen for honey,
with a verdigris green dragonfly flitting by to say hello.

Wildflowers with sparkling dewdrops of crystal in their centers are scattered all through this charming ring.

In the heart of the “garden” is a vintage pink fire opal harlequin glass stone with shades of pink,
fuchsia, blue, peach and yellow.

The row of crystals on the right side of the center stone are peridot AB.
The AB (aurora borealis) gives the stones flashes of many different colors.

At the front of the ring is a flower with a bumblebee that has landed on a rose AB stone in its center.
The rose AB crystal sparkles with pinks, corals, purples, blues and greens.
With any movement of your hand, all the crystals on this ring will shine with many different colors.

The fire opal glass stone in the middle and all the crystals and flowers are vintage.
All metal is nickel free oxidized brass.

Faerie Magick Hand-Rolled Beeswax and Herb Spell candles

Hand-blended, charged and rolled under the light of the moon in our faerie garden with
organic herbs, flowers, roots, resins, essential oils and dusted with shimmering gold mica
to help you connect to nature spirits including faeries, pixies, sprites and gnomes
and calling upon their assistance during rituals and spells.

For this listing you will receive one set of two Faerie Magick hand-rolled herb and beeswax candles that have been charged and blessed for your magickal workings.

They each measure approximately 4 inches tall by 3/4 inch thick
and have a burn time of about 1 to 1 and 1/2 hours which is perfect for most spells.

We use beeswax sheets, cotton braid wicking,
organic herbs and resins and
shimmering mica powder for each candle so they are just about as natural as a colored candle can get!

Butterfly wing earrings

These eye-catching butterfly wing earrings have each been intricately cut out by hand in sterling silver.
Each wing has a brushed but shiny finish.

The earrings have a lovely light weight to them and swing freely in an eye-catching way.
The wings are suspended from handmade sterling silver ear wires.


This OPAL GEODE has spectacular green / pink / yellow / orange, rainbow flash!!!
hand mounted this OPAL GEODE in a 1 1/4" x 1 1/4"

mineral specimen box for it's rare aesthetic beauty and typed up a label with the location the opal was found.

This awesome OPAL GEODE could be taken out of the box and cut into a polished stone,
or wire wrapped as a rare pendant, used for home decor, meditation, crystal healing etc.
or just appreciated for it's rare aesthetic beauty.
Ruler in the picture is measuring in millimeters.

Fairy Herb and Rose Spring Wreath

This sweet little wreath is all natural and waiting to enchant your home with its delicate ethereal charm.

It starts with an 8" round all natural grapevine wreath base and then is wrapped with fresh rosemary.
Sage and lavender flowers are added for color and sometimes a little creeping thyme and oregano are snuck in too.
A half dozen dainty dried yellow-mix roses are finally layed on to give it a sweet cottage look.

On top is a butterfly fairy with real feather wings and a hint of glitter on her.

I make these wreaths ahead of time (in order to take the photos!) so the herbs you see will be dried when you get them. Before shipping I will add fresh rosemary and sage so you can have the gorgeous smell of fresh herbs to fill your home. These wreaths are quite delicate, especially the dried roses,
so I have decided to send them PRIORITY SHIPPING only, in order to get them to you within 2 days (average) and safely.

❥ Fairy wing colors are available in green(as shown),yellow ocher, pumpkin orange, magenta and caramel brown feathers. Let me know your favorite or let me pick and you be surprised!

Romantic Crochet Cuffs

These delicate hand crochet cuffs are made to order in white or ecru.
The cotton is extra fine and mercerized.
Each cuff has three small pearl buttons which secure the cuff to the wrist.
In the message area upon purchasing please specify the measurement of the circumference or perimeter of each of your wrists, notating left and right.

These beautiful, intricate works of art will be delivered to you within two weeks of placing your order.

Hand wash, lay flat to dry.

Sweet Spring Butterfly Necklace

precious combo of rustic patina charms and colorful glass beads,
hangs on approx 17" of brass chain, can be shorter or longer upon request.

Fog Dancer Fairy Dragon Hair Stick

If I would give this fairy-dragon a name, it would be "nebula",
because everything on it reminds me on mystical fog.
It's body is grey, white and partially translucent. It's wings looks like shimmering mist-billows.

I made the little dragon out of Polymer Clay, burnt it, painted it and sealed it with varnish.
The wings are made of strong, handcut photo-carton and are firmly sticked into the body.
Also they are covered with varnish.
But of course, it's a good idea to be careful with this piece of art and I think it also doesn't like showers very much ;).
Because of the special varnish, it looks like little dew-drops are running along the dragon's wings.
The complete length of the stick: 6,5inch = 16,5cm.

Cuff Art Nouveau Victorian

hand crafted Cuff Bracelet is made of genuine vintage and contemporary fabrics, trims and textiles.
It features an Art Nouveau gold and cream frayed edge base to a hand sewn collage with flowers in purple and cream,
glass jewels handset in filigree, ruby red and jonquil pale lemon in color.
Trimmed with vintage mustard velvet ribbon.
Organza ruffles with metallic gold embroidery top this beautiful cuff.
All beads and embellishments have been securely hand sewn with invisible stitching.

vintage opulence lace slip dress

A gorgeous dusty pink tiered lace slip dress hand made by vintage opulence.
The top is a soft dusty pink nylon with lace trim, adjustable ribbon shoulder straps and a sash of vintage pink lace underneath which ties at the back for shaping.
The skirt consists of an inner layer of dusty pink satin with cream and pale pink tiered vintage lace over skirts..
Finished with a hand made pink silk chiffon rose Size to fit;
bust 34-36 inch waist 27-28 inch length from shoulder to hem 53 inches

Faerie Magick Orb

"Faeries and Pixies, Elves and Gnomes. Spinning some magic spells for our homes.
Their wishes are happy, of joys to share.

Join in their revelry, if only you dare.

Carefree of spirit, their happiness impart Sending you Magick, to store in your heart.
These beautiful glass baubles are a whimsical and magickal charm that has been
hand-crafted and charged for attracting faeries.

Each orb is filled with a magickal mixture of faerie attracting herbs, resins, barks, crystals, feathers, charms, a spell scroll and of course, glitter!

They are hand painted with shimmery glitter polka-dots and are meant to hang in a window,
doorway, in a safe spot in your garden or near your altar to attract the fae with it's shimmery colors and sweet scents!
Each Faerie Orb comes with instructions and are tucked safely into a kraft box with tissue paper,
a parchment paper label and tied with ribbon, ready for gift giving or to keep as a beautiful piece for yourself.

Somewhere In Time Steampunk Necklace

Ever wonder what it's like to travel back in time to rekindle an old flame from the past....

This lovely Victorian Steampunk necklace features a verdigris patina filigree brass butterfly
with *** a one-of-a-kind Vintage ruby jeweled watch movement***
adorned with a sparkling peridot green rhinestone.

Suspending from beneath the butterfly pendant is a lovely antiqued brass skeleton key charm.
The butterfly focal measures about 40mm x 35mm while the key measures 45mm in length.
The pendant is hung from an antiqued brass chain.
The necklace measures 16" long and it is finished with an antique brass lobster clasp with a 1-1/2" extender.
The length of the necklace can be adjustable between 16 to 17" (40cm to 43cm) long.

Heavenly bloomers!

Pretty floral stripe .... the colours are soft vintagey peach and shades of sagey greens.. very soft...
(they are prewashed and dried so they wont shrink) elasticated waist for an easy comfy fit.. this pair has a gorgeous,
full cuff with hand dyed cotton lace on the hem... crochet lace with a pretty, soft peachy lace tie, join the leg and cuff..
tighten the lace tie above the cuff for more of a balloon effect in the leg, or loosen for a wider ,
straighter leg look.. both ways look great...
this pair is adorned on the back with one of my beautiful Vintage Kitty patches..

I felt inspired by all this magically, enchanted eye candy of the otherworld....
Love & Light