Sunday, 17 January 2021

 Hi beautiful people 💖

I wish you a happy new year and hope it brings you joy. Let's keep creating and believing in a brighter future. You never know what wonderful surprises are around the corner. 

It has been quite a while since I posted here, but I wanted to share my new year surprise, quite out the blue!

I was researching my family tree, mainly my grandfather's side, Wolstenholme, as couldn't find my grandmother's line at all. Earlier in January, I was helping someone else with researching their tree when the same names popped up which I had been searching for. The websites were Romany (gipsy/gypsy) lineage. 

I soon found out that my grandmother was Roma. It was quite the revelation. She had once said that we were related to Gypsy Lee, but due to her being ill, we didn't take much notice. Now, that statement made sense. I never thought to search for Barnes gypsies, the area my grandmother was from. At that point, I saw where the block lay, in her mother's name, Sinney Smith, daughter of Jacob Smith and Matilda Capel. Her name, Sinney, had been incorrectly logged as Simeon, a boy, on the baptism record. To make sure my assumptions were correct, I sent off for my grandmother's birth cert' and her mother was indeed Sinney Smith, and her husband, George Whitby. By joining various sites, I pieced the lost lineage together. 

So, by helping someone else, I found my grandmother's lineage. Beautiful and amazing. 

I found links to the King of Gypsies, and a prince, all related. It's been quite mind-blowing, but ever so interesting. I truly have a gypsy soul. 😍 

Link: HERE

Love and light,