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Welcome to jasmoon's Dolly of London, blog

I 'm a mixed media, folklore artist, residing in SW London, UK.
The craft name is 'jasmoon butterfly' is used in creative ventures, due to my love of the flower Jasmine, the magical moon, and delicate, wonderfully transforming butterflies.

Tee hee... This picture was sent to me by 
my Aunty Polly and I became all emotional.
Wow, did it bring back some memories, beautiful memories.
It's funny that I now make dolls again. 
I had forgotten my love for fabric as a child, 
I guess it explains a lot now :o)
Sadly, I can not remember my creations name, but Aunt Polly's doll was Sebastian. 

I love to create dolls from clay, cloth and paper.
 Folklore is my inspiration, the renewing of the old....
I try to evoke childhood memories and inspiration via dolls/art from such tales as 'Cottingley fairies'.

My work has been published by 
'Contemporary doll' ~ 'Doll Collector' and 'Art doll' magazines.

I also design and create wooden, codex books containing decorative aged pages. 
Pyrography, collage, and mixed media paint techniques are used in the process.

I love to experiment with new idea's, and boy, do I have plenty! (Giggles)

Published Here-
*Art Doll Quarterly magazine Spring 2010 - upcycle doll Jacqueline
*Jan 2011 Contemporary doll magazine - Doll Selene
*March 2011 Soft Dolls magazine - Doll Selene
*March 2011 Contemporary doll magazine - Fantasy artists section Doll Breena

Member of: *ADO (Art Dolls Only)  

Exhibited  in an art Gallery in Canada 2012 - Dollirium

My crazy family and I Love 'em

My mum and I - My 40th...It was such a brilliant day!
Perfect transformation into... dare I say it...middle age ;o)

My Father, Toby and I 

My daughter and best friend ~ Charlotte-anne

My son Travis and daughter Charlotte
(Yeah they do like each other sometimes.. tee hee)

Yep, another fancy dress for mums 60th...Trav in the wild west...
Well ...erm Mitcham will have to do. :o)

My ikkle Lewis, youngest...sweetie!
Lewis is such an amazing artist, 
we often create art together, very special, magical, and precious moments.

Yes I lOvE blowing bubbles  :o)

Big hearted Jacqueline, my her! She is the sensitive poet of us all. 
A beautiful, caring soul. xxx

My amazing Aunty Polly, creative and one of the strongest women I know. xxx

My partner in crime and best bud, Liza, naughty and fun! xxx
In this photo we met again after many years...true friends are never lost or forgotten.
*In the book, Bea's best friend just had to have the name of my bestie too.*

(In July 2012 after 16 years, our Sassy passed away, we all miss her dearly.)

Okay, I will say it, we wozzeys love, no adore, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
(hey, it was a long day ;o)   

Well, that's my excuse and I am sticking with it! Lol
Mum and I

My cuz...Odbins...whoops, sorry Robin. He likes his really.
I just love our crazy, off wall conversations until the wee hours of the morning. As Liza said, may she have one of you to take home - tee hee xxx 

My Super duper, Uncle Roy, Robin's father, we all enjoy crazy chinwags. 
A gentle man with a big heart. xxx

I feel blessed to have such wonderful family and friends, 
not all are on this page but they are all in our hearts. 

My auntie Mary  R.I.P

Anna  R.I.P

For you - my Brother, Paul, shine bright xxx


Thank you for visiting please come're always welcome..

love, peace, and light



Please roam freely, remember to visit the website.

Whispers of an ancient world echoed through art.

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Jackofalltrades said...

hello Tracy Anne, I have just found you via my interest in Boudoir Dolls! What a lovely blog site, and you're here in the UK! Great and loving family, super photographs, excellent information, I love it all! Well done you. Some of your creations are just wonderful.

I would love to know how you do the clay work for the doll heads - I used to make plaster of paris models as a kid, but would like to do something special with the dolls I propose to make (got a vintage pattern from America).

Anyway, enough burbling on, thanks so much! I will be back! Jacqui