Saturday, 28 March 2015

Photographer's Magic!

Capturing Magic 

Aliza Razell

               Mixed Media Paintings

Young female artist, Aliza Razell, Massachusetts-based, experiments with different mediums to create her mesmerizing artworks. She combines two of her great passions; photography and watercolors. As she states, Aliza Razell has a burning need to create.

The pictures are created in series. Such as, Anesidora , involves the story of Pandora’s Box, inspired by the magic of confronting – and ultimately collaborating with – something entirely foreign and otherworldly. Some of her work is inspired by the Finnish word 'Ikävä', meaning the feeling of missing someone or something. Below are a few of her wonderful creations.

Love and light

Sharing Artists

Happy Spring :o) 

Hi everyone. I wanted to share with you some artists work that I absolutely adore. They are magical whimsy creators, able to take us away to the places of their mind.

Images captured - transforming life's beauty into soulful art. Enjoy :o)

A magic story by Peggy Wolf.

Anahata Katkin  

Conrad Roset

Fabric of Time by John Watkiss.

Follow your dreams by PeggyWolf
Danny O’Connor

Portrait by Ben Giles

Janus by Minjae Lee

Katrin Coetzer

Albert Henry Collings - Portrait of a lady.

Michael Shapcott

Elena [deviantART VinogradovAlex]

Judith Geher

Marta Zawadzka

David Agenjo 

Jorge Roa

Found on

Catrin Welz Stein 

Elena Helfrecht

Christian Schloe 

Gabriel Iumazark

Guillem Marí

I hope you enjoyed our little journey together,
we'll meet again soon.

Love and light,

Thursday, 26 March 2015

***EXCITED*** COVER REVEAL***This is going to be the printed cover for 'A Carpet of Purple Flowers'.


'A Carpet of Purple Flowers'

A Different Kind of Romance

****To be released this autumn****

I've been busy collaborating with my publisher 'URBANE'.
Today the cover has been released to the world!


I'm still writing book two 'Awake in Purple Dreams'.
Would love for you to pop over and join me over at the book website ~

Arty - I'm working on a 'Boudoir Doll' for the ADO challenge. I'll post pictures once complete. :o) 

love and light