Thursday, 22 July 2010

Travelling art doll....ADO TDP Challenge

ADO Travelling art doll challenge

I can't believe this is our last round of the challenge,
it has passed sooooo quickly!

'Luna' was made by Martha, my part was to dress this magical lady
upon her visit to the UK.

It has been rather hot here in the UK and so decided muslin would be most suitable ...

'Luna' requested some loose head wear,
for her travel back to Martha
- although she loves the wind in her hair she wished to preserve her curls for her creator to see!

Luna has some company on her trip back home
'Frederick' the cat upon a stick!
She wanted a reminder of the smiles that greeted her while travelling..
a little something to cuddle up with and bring a few memories back of summer 2010...

It was a wonderful experience
I would like to thank the lovely ladies in my team:

For ADO team making this possible...thank you, mwah oxoxo

Love & light