Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Doll Collector magazine

Hello :0)

Congrats & hugs to everyone ♥

I am so excited & could not wait to announce
that part 2
TDP is published and in the
Doll Collector magazine
Jan 2011

Page 1

Traveling Doll project ADO
Jan 2011

sneak preview:

Wild Thing, Miss Lily, Bibbie, Rosie Pimlico, Delta Dawn, Hester, Rayne, Peregrina,
Luna, Penelope, Victoria, Lady Wisteria, Isabella, Nadia, D'Sacroiliac and Olin,
Selene, Simomne and Satinka.

If you worked on any of those dolls,
your name was listed as a contributing artist.

Page 2

Traveling Doll project ADO
Jan 2011
July 2010 edition of Doll Collector magazine

Team Muncea

Ayala DeHarris Doll : Luna
Raedell Coogler Doll : Victoria
Tracey McCartney (Jasmoon Butterfly) Doll: Selene

Victoria & Luna


Luna & Selene

Luna & her doll travel journal

Love & light

Monday, 1 November 2010

Hope everyone had a great halloween ❤

How was halloween?
Let me share with you

We carved pumpkins

Went trick or treating


collected lots of candy

& scared many passers by .....hee hee

Hope everyone had a great time :0)

Love & light
(especially on this frightening night)