Monday, 31 December 2018

Blessings on New Year's Eve 2019

Wow! A year has passed already. I honestly can't believe how time flies. 

In 2016, I was settling into my new home. In 2017, I went through a dark night of the soul, waking up to things, situations that no longer served my highest good. In 2018, I began my healing, and now, I'm really looking forward to entering 2019 to further heal and complete my passions, creative adventures in both art and writing. It has taken so much strength and reflection to get this far and I'm really excited, what an incredible journey of learning, thus far.  

This new year, I will, I will, I will:
  • complete my second book and self-publish by the summer
  • create canvas art
  • create an oracle deck
  • add more writing on Wattpad
  • complete my online classes

  • pamper self 
  • exercise more
  • drink more water
  • beautify areas around me

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Create a Happiness Jar
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Elizabeth Gilbert, an author best known for her 2006 memoir, 
Eat, Pray, Love started the idea. 
Use a journal to stick notes in from the jar. Add photos, flowers, etc. Create a journal for every year made from pure happy moments. It really does help to remember all the little blessings given. 
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Not only will this practice help you learn to be grateful for the small, every day, sweet moments in your life and to be present in the moment, but it can provide comfort and inspiration on those awful days. All you have to do is sit down and pull out one of your notes. Wrap those small but shining jewels of happiness around your soul and let it provide you with the knowledge that you will have those special moments in the future as well. By recording the best parts of your life, you can change the way you remember each unique day.
Jar Ideas
Fairy Jar number 2 from this blog. So pretty. Photographs and instructions how to make it can be found on The Cobweborium EmporiumHand painted #Fairy Lantern red candle holder light by melOnDesign
Recycled Blessings ideas~"Hattie's Recycled Crafts & Ideas"~ Make a glittery Fairy Nightlight using a mason jar! Video shows you how!
Quart Mason Jar Ties/ Choose A Color/ Flower by DolledandDazzledMetallic rose gold, gold, rose chrome and ivory mason jars ombre painted with a splash of glitter. #masonjars #rosegold #ombre
Vintage-Stil Jam Jar-TeelichthalterLets talk rose gold spray paint colors! I also show some acrylics. You can pick what is the best rose gold or copper spray paint for your project. I have bits of copper/rose gold mixed in with my gray, white and aqua-teal colors in my home. This post contains affiliate links. My iPhone is Rose …
Shabby Chic Mason Jars Painted Mason Jars by uniqueboxboutique, $6.50Butterfly mason jar tea light candle holder 7 inches tall, 32 oz painted mason jar. (quart size) Color in photos is denim blue, purple, light brown and light blue. You can choose any color. We have a variety of colors to choose from. Pick your color from drop down menu at checkout.
Image result for happiness jarImage result for happiness jar
How to Start a Gratitude Journal Practice | Want to deepen your gratitude practice and maximize the benefits? Then this post is for you! Click through to read my five gratitude journal tips. Plus, download my FREE 30 Day Gratitude Journal Challenge Workbook to step up your gratitude practice and get your journaling on all month long!
Wish Tree
This is a favorite of mine, the beautiful wishing tree. I keep one in my living room, I hang affirmations, crystals, pretty wish tags from the slender branches. Eye candy and lifts me up every day. Too gorgeous to be used just at weddings. *winks* Pictures below...

Inspiration for my next tattoo
I'm preparing the tree for 2019 dreams
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De wensboom | somethingblueweddingsbymeWhite 110cm Manzanita Wedding Wishing Tree / Acrylic Diamond Garland Decoration
The Hummingbird Symbol of Life and Joy Charm with Story Card!
Self Love
Becoming an improved version of yourself is the goal of every high-achiever. Come and join me for 365 questions for a better you, the January edition. Become a member of my Facebook Group #PlanWithDebbie for accountability, support, and motivation. #productivity #confidence #success #personaldevelopment #journaling #prompts #365questionsforabetteryou Best New Year Motivational & Inspirational Quotes Collection
Creative Play
Verbally Beautify
All Things Shabby and Beautiful
Arty Play
A3 art journal - Watercolour                                    Detail Abstract Faeryland - Acrylic
 My first large canvas art (acrylic, abstract faeryland) - includes my dear old fur baby, Geezer.
 Wonderful reads...
The INFJ Writer
Blessed are the Weird
The Alchemist
Wishing you all an amazing year and beyond,
may you touch your dreams, hug them, and soar!
Stay open to receive...
Photo: Jonna Jinton
love and light