Art Space

Art Play Spaces
with Tracey-anne

We have all sufficed with creating art on a living room/dining table
 and although beautiful creations can be made, it can be difficult having all the art materials near to hand. Of course, then theres the pain of putting everything away because you're using family space at the end of your creative session. How privileged I feel to finally have an allocated space in which to create...yay!
I wanted to share my delight with you via making a page here to show you my happy place :0)
I need to develop some organisation, ie storage, shelving, this will take time 
but right now I am just very happy with the space :0)

The first thing to go up was the Willow tree.
It was growing happily in my garden until plaster water soaked into the soil, you know who you are! lol
So my Willow died :0(
I saw a picture on the net of a tree with origami cranes hanging from the branches and decided the willow was to be a wall decoration.
I received some rather strange looks bringing it into the house but I didn't let that stop me, tee hee.
I draped the branches with floral garland and mirrored words -
Happiness and Dreams :0)
I must say, it's quite stunning.
The looks of 'what are you doing mum' changed to smiles, lol.

Thank you for popping by and taking the time to share my new art space with me.
Once I have organised everything I will update the photos.

Demo - Art doll tutorial at Hobbycraft Store in Croydon, UK

Art Doll Demo ~ Croydon Store
The display table

Market Stall in Balham, London, SW12 UK

Papier Mache art
Pulp and Layer techniques

Take care
love and light


Jeanne said...

Love your creative space! :-)
I have been looking for a branch to hang crystals from. They are currently hung from my ceiling at all different lengths. :-) The color & whimsy is very inspiring indeed!

Jeanne said...

And love your beautiful artwork! You are a very multi-faceted artist.

And I know you from Pinterest! :-)

jasmoonbutterfly said...

lol hi Jeanne :0) Thank you for your kind, lovely words x Another pinner - brilliant hee hee. Its just toooooooooo addictive!
Oh when you get those beautiful crystals hung upon a branch please share, tag me on pinterest (wink wink) it would be great to see them.
Hugs Trace x

jasmoonbutterfly said...

I love your blog, inspiring and hey
I live in a Fairytale land inside my head too lol. It's great isn't it. I will be having a proper read of everything tomorrow, erm later today as I am up at silly o'clock. Dogs barking at what appeared to be nothing so got pinning (as you do). Its great to meet another UK artist xxx