Tuesday, 18 September 2012

le mysterieux carniva blog party

How to participate
Leave a comment on the opening post. Be sure to include your blog name, blog address and email if it's different from the one on your profile. You will be added to the participant list on the sidebar.

Grab the party button and add it to your blog. If you write a post about us the lovely Madame Luna will love you even more! Feel free to grab the silver ticket to add to your post or sidebar with a link back to the main page. For anyone that wants to use a larger image you will find the invite at the bottom of this page.

Now comes the fun part. FIRST you will create your own SILVER TICKET. This can be as simple or as fancy as you wish. Draw, collage, scrap, sew, paint, print or Photoshop. It can be mini and sweet or big and bold. It can even be in the style of an ATC. You decide as long as it's silver. This is your admission ticket so don't forget to include a photo in your party post. If you decide to do a giveaway it might be fun to include your ticket as an extra treat.

NEXT put on your fancy pointy hat and create your very own carnival BOOTH(S). You're limited only by your imagination. We suggest a booth theme to distinguish a carnival from a circus. The curious sideshows, fortune tellers, wacky games, gypsy caravans and dizzying rides -- we love them all. Of course we love the circus too!

You can share art, costumes, crafts, jewelry, dolls, puppets, food, books, stories, family photos or recipes. You can even create an actual booth if you like. A vignette or table display also works well. You might even be inspired to create a mini movie. We believe all of you are undeniably creative or you wouldn't be blogging in the first place right? :)

Make it a little dark, mysterious and creepy. Don't forget it's also a Halloween/Autumn party. Invite as many witches, skeletons, jack-o-lanterns and vampires as you like. Glitter is your friend so go for it if it strikes your fancy. Think macabre but with a whimsical twist.

TAKE PICTURES of your masterpiece and create your party post. It's a good idea to post it on Friday October 5th. That way the actual blog hop can start right away on Saturday October 6th. Of course if you post on the 6th we won't send the goblins to torture you but please post as soon as you can.

Return here and add the LINK TO YOUR POST in the comment section of our party post. It's very important that you do this so participants will know you actually created a post. This will also create an archive anyone can revisit later. Unfortunately not everyone that signs up follows through and if you use the participant list to make your rounds you're bound to run into blogs that didn't get around to doing one. Which brings us to the next rule.

If you sign up to play and something comes up please let us know. We understand things happen and sometimes a blog party ends up being the last thing on your list. A quick email is all it takes. We promise we'll still love you anyway.

Visit their blogs  Anna of Frosted Petunias and Marfi of Incipient Wings
for more party related posts and ideas,
and we'll all see you soon at Le Mysterieux Carnival. Au revoir.

Come join us

love, peace & light