Saturday, 11 April 2009

Robert Pattinson singing - Let me sign

Robert Pattinson singing - Let me sign

Beautiful voice...


Ohh ...Ohh...

She was standing there by the broken tree

Her hands were all twisted she was pointing at me

I was damned by the light coming over,

as she spoke with a voice that disrupted the sky

She said 'Come on over to the bitter shade,

I will wrap you in my arms and you'll know you've been saved'

Let me sign let me sign

Another Version:

Ohh Ohh

Standin by a broken tree

Her hands are all twisted

She's pointin at me

I was damned by light Coming all over I see

She spoke with a voice and Looked up at the sky

She said hold on lover

Yeah, don't be ashamed

I will wrap you in my arms and only said

Let me sign

Let me sign

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Doll idea sketch...armature..

Let me introduce Elissa...
She is dressed in flowing, layered
clothing..Muted pastels
Fabric - cottons/lace /silk
A satin ribbon flows from the front of her bodice..
aged by time...

Elissa will be at least 12" tall made of cloth & clay..

Michelle of Crow Haven Farm
has been a fabulous friend, a bright shining star enlightening me,
sharing lots of advice on creating armatured dolls...thank you beautiful goddess x

You can see Michelles work here:

So once all of my materials arrive I will start my first ever!
I am quite excited, its so completely different to anything I have created before -
I really hope my creation will be worthy to show on my blog -
but either way I promise to post and share my progress with you :)

Meanwhile I am creating Jester clay busts this, fun, fun!
Maries class: EVB Studios - class $10.00
come on over

Gothic doll arrived today....yay!

I adore her...brought from Ebay
An armature cloth, clay doll
She will so totally inspire me in my creations!
Stands : 20"
What a face!

Her name?...It will come to me :)

journal pages, close up squares..

I love wording/ script on pages..
ah and dragonflies...

A beautiful dreamy cottage, foxgloves, Lupins ..fluttering butterflies
so perfect!

Words again - law of attraction notes

A page would not be complete without a fae -
blowing delicate petals into the gentle breezes of time....

Hmmmm... the symbolic nature of a key....

Wiccan - to finalise ones words spoken

A little pocket to hold ref notes..




lost in the woods...

dreamer of dreams....


Trace x

piano played beautifully...

Wonderful to listen to while making your creations......beautiful!


Twilight serenade by Rie Sinclair

I adore this music...and lovely matching video..sharing with you x

love and light

Trace x

Monday, 6 April 2009

ADO....Art Dolls Only..

A dedicated and active team of Art Doll artists
Our main focus as a team is to actively promote Art Dolls across the web.
I have just become an accepted member..yippee!
Please take a peep on links below:)

What is an Art Doll?
Art Dolls are made using a wide variety of styles and mediums, some are abstract or tribal, while others are incredibly realistic.
Art dolls do not always move.
The term Art Doll can refer to human-like dolls however this is not always the case.
Art Dolls can depict animal, mythical creatures or abstract beings.
They differ from baby dolls, Barbie dolls and other mass manufactured dolls.
Even though the the word 'doll' is attached, Art Dolls are not meant for play and not intended for children.
The intent of an Art Doll artists is to create a work of art.