The Butterfly Bridge

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The butterfly bridge (mood boards)
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Of course it is an otherworldly story. What else would I write :o)
This story is mentally older than - The carpet of purple flowers (The well of Chance).
However it is more complex in the sense of it being set in a different, unknown era, and will require my absolute full time to write - so, I decided to write this manuscript after 'The carpet of purple flowers' trilogy. 
All of the stories I have in my head are scribbled down, beginning to end.  I then draft up a chapter arrangement with the various parts of the story, scenes. It really helps when I need to go back and write. With this story I really get carried away with the imagery! I picture some pretty amazing things lol. The butterfly bridge started with a visual meditation: A waterfall by a small glade, an old Oak tree and a forest. My character Enna suddenly appeared and the story evolved. Everything began around those images, it is an incredible journey. A whole story formed from such simple visuals. What inspired me? Nature, lore and my hippy upbringing! I wanted to explore a world far away from the urban jungle that most of us live/work in today. To be able to explore a more spiritual viewpoint, but not in a true religious sense.  More like the art of just being. 
The butterfly bridge 
There is an old religion, now semi faded in time, only a few still follow its path. 
For most, it is a time of greed and petty squabbles. Beings keep to their own and have started to aggressively protect what they consider is theirs. The beings of these lands begin to question the ruling power. Has the time come for conflict, or can peace be maintained.
This story centres itself around a young girl growing up - Enna.
She is a priestess of the old religion. Enna has to face heartbreaking lessons/ journeys not of her own making. People do change, although fundamentally, their core remains the same. The core of the self can become completely shielded until such time something, or someone can  lower the defensive walls - but timing is crucial, and all too easily the walls can return in an instant. 
Follow Enna's journey of growth, her joy, and moments turmoil - temporarily embrace a priestesses life in a sifting, unpredictable world, not too dis-familiar from our own. 

 Photographer ~ Sarah Allegra 

Love and light

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