Friday, 27 March 2009

Camera problem sorted :)

Just updating some past work into clearer photos :)


All on Etsy
Elsie Wright #2
Frances Griffiths #1
Donella #3

I am thoroughly enjoying this journey...thank you for sharing it with me x
Tracey x

OOAK clay dolls by JB...

Oh this is sweet Breena - Celtic for fairyland...
In Progress...
She will lead you to faery land
I just adore her! My fav :)
Breena will be completed this weekend and placed on Etsy £20.00

Gives an idea of Breena's size : 5" (3" sitting)

Introducing.. Faylinn
meaning - English for Faery kingdom
In Progress..
7" tall (4.5" sitting)
Faylinn will be completed this weekend and then placed on Etsy : £28.00

Love & light
Tracey x

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Folk doll...Cottingley Fairy tale dolls...OOAK

Clay folk dolls -Cottingley Fairies
Frances Griffiths & Elsie Wright
Elsie is 11" £38.00
Frances is 9 3/4 " £36.00
selling on Fri 27th March : On Etsy

Signed : JB (jasmoon butterfly)
dated & numbered

Handmadeby Jasmoon Butterfly
Original Sculpey Clay
love & light
Tracey x