Sunday, 8 August 2010

ADO travelling doll project is drawing to an end...

'Team Muñeca'

Hi everyone
Well its the last round of the

Luna is making her way home to Martha after some rather exciting travels I must say,
Selene now has arrived home...yay! I am overwhelmed...
thank you Martha & Raedell for all your hard work & wonderful creativity,
I adore her!! ((hugs)) mwah x :-D

The Dolls :

Have journals in which each artist wrote/created a story follow up from the creators...
please pop over to Travelling doll projects ADO blog for more coverage ...

OOOoooo adorable Luna!

A sneak peek at journal pages I created for Luna's travel here in the UK...
lots of tea! Hee hee

Magical Selene arrives home :-D
How special is she..

Before Luna's departure home...

'Team Muñeca'

Above: I gave victoria a light distressed wash, painted & gave her hair :-)
Then off she went to visit Martha ...

(Luna sits upon her moon throne awaiting clothing & tea!)

Above: Upon visit to Raedell, Luna has hair/pearl crown & a beautiful,
magical moon!

Humble beginnings of 'Luna' by Martha

Humble beginnings of 'Selene' Tracey-anne (moi)

Humble beginnings of 'Victoria' by Dellarae Dezines

This has been such an enjoyable experience, roll on 2011!! :-D

Love & light