Monday, 14 December 2015

*A Carpet of Purple Flowers* ‪#‎book‬ Available at ‪#‎WHSmith‬ travel stores ~ Amazon ~ Urbane Publications ‪#‎NewRelease‬

No-one expects to bump into supernatural beings, let alone two opposing sects of a forgotten race. Bea's quiet existence turns into turmoil as she slowly starts to unravel a secret past, a lost history in which love, revenge, betrayal, magic, power and karma are not mere cycles of a soul, but a sacred journey upon a web of many possibilities. The future is not set in stone, and the choices that Bea makes ripple through the cosmos. As the secret unfolds she realises that no matter what form your soul takes there are consequences for your actions in which time has no relevance - we call it karma, they call it Vororbla. 
                                 Wolfgang Miessner                                        Elena Esina

Helmut Newton

love and light