Sunday, 5 February 2012

Make a set of wired wings for your favourite fairy.

Wired Wings

A more advanced version of 'Simple Wired Wings'by Antique lilac, and are sewn from semi-sheer fabric, with wires inserted which slip into pockets sewn onto the back of the costume bodice. 

The tutorial covers the steps involved in making the wings.

Please go HERE for full instructions. 

  - sheer fabric (with some body - not too flimsy)
  - scissors
  - wire - thickness depends on size of wings being 
     made. For MSD size wings use an 18 gauge.
  - pliers
  - sewing machine & thread
  - Fray Check
  - iron
  - needle
  - hot glue gun
  - acrylic or Folk Art Paint in colours to match your      
     fairy outfit
  - Textile Medium
  - brushes
  - glitter paint

Print and cut out wing pattern. 
Pin pattern onto double layer sheer fabric. 
Trace upper edge of pattern onto fabric and cut with a 3/8" seam allowance along the top edge and leaving plenty of excess 
around the other outer edges of wing pattern.
Pin sewn wing onto pattern to keep it from moving, and trace vein lines
onto fabric with pencil. 
Remove pattern from back of wing and re-pin fabric. 
Press wing, then trace outer wing edge onto fabric. 
Cut outer wing edge being careful not 
to clip ends of sewn vein lines. 
Draw a line of Fray Check along outer wing edge. Let Dry.
Insert wires into fabric pockets. 
Thread needle with strong thread, knot end, and thread
 through one of the wing pockets. 
Pull fabric back along wires, apply a bit of hot glue to the
 two wire ends and pull fabric back over wires. 
Quickly stitch securely with needle and thread.

Wing Pattern
This tutorial includes the actual size wing patterns used for making the Fairy wings, 
as well as several other wing patterns you may want to try. 

To download the pattern pdf click on the Wings Pattern HERE

Have fun :0)

love,peace & light

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