Saturday, 16 January 2010

Gabriella Pescucci...

Costume Designer

The Costumes That Made Them Stars
Tirelli's collaborations with leading Italian and foreign costume designers have had a profound influence on the style of modern cinema, and an exhibit in Italy offers them for appreciation and reminiscence.

Mini Biography
Gabriella Pescucci was born in Rosignano Solvay in Tuscany in 1941 and began her film career as an assistant to Piero Tosi in the late 1960s.
By the 1970s she was working as a costume designer in her own right with several films for Giovanni Patroni Griffi and also for Fellini, making her international debut in 1984 with
'Once Upon a Time in America',
for which she took the first of her two British Film Academy Awards, the second being for
'The Adventures of Baron Munchausen'.
In addition to her film work she has designed for the opera, notably 'La Traviata' at the Archimboldi Theatre, Milan and 'A Masked Ball' at the Kennedy Centre in Washington, D.C.

Frida film trailer...

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Danny Roberts...

Danny Roberts

A wonderful inspiring artist I felt I had to share with you ...

Age: 23
Occupation: Artist/Thinker
Location: California

I began drawing as a young child, but it wasn't until a few years ago when I decided to practice everyday, that I started getting better.
I would draw some days for 15 hours straight till my hands were swollen shut.
When I was 13, I started my own clothing company and ran it with the help of my friend till I was was in college.
I studied Photography at Cal Poly SLO, and then later studied Fashion Design at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.
Danny says:
I love collaborating with other artist. I'm currently working on a few collaboration art projects. I hope to do a few more before the year ends.

Love & light

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Decadent art..

Gorgeous works of art
Eye Candy
By very talented peeps..

Joshua Petker
Stop by and take a look

Next we have fashion illustrator Margerite Sauvage
A Paris based freelance artist who has quite a resume of published work.

Look up her work in the book Tashen book - Illustration Now

love and light
Trace x

Annecy, Venice of Savoie

Annecy, Venice of Savoie
I fell in love and had to share its magic with you..
totally inspires..

The Thiou Canal is the river crossing Annecy that exudes such charm,
it brings Venice to mind as you stroll along its banks.

Rhône-Alpes region in south-eastern France

Annecy is located between Geneva and Chambéry

Annecy Haute Savoie
onjour! Annecy, the "Venice of Savoie".

The origins of this charming town in the department of Haute-Savoie date back to 3000 B.C.

Annecy and its region draw tourists all summer or winter long, with incomparable charm, an exceptional amount of sunshine, and hundreds of miles of slopes to please the avid skier.

Annecy: Venice of Savoie

The Cleanest Lake in Europe

The lake of Annecy, framed by mountains, appeared 18,000 years ago and covers 10.5 square miles, with an average depth of 135 ft.

Today, it is one of the cleanest lakes in the world and home to a wide range of wildlife which never ceases to delight the amateur fishermen.

Today, the lake receives only rain and spring water, and the inhabitants of Annecy are happy to drink it (after a simple anti-bacteriological treatment).

The purification of the lake and the protection of it against any type of pollution have been a remarkable success, and are cited as examples all over the world.

If you are lucky enough to be in Annecy the first weekend of August, you will be able to attend the gorgeous fireworks display organized every year to celebrate the lake.

A visit is a must ;-)

Fashion Fairy Tales....

Once Upon A Time...

Fairy tales are the myths of our society, stories that have become as integral to our culture as our history and morals.
The first stories we learn as children are often our culture's fairy tales, often the same stories that our parents heard when they were young.

We've always been fascinated with fairy tales;
how they came to be and how they have evolved through time.

The characters themselves as archetypes:

are you a vulnerable Riding Hood, or a curious Aurora?

An overworked Cinderella, or a hunted Snow White?

A boyish Peter Pan, or a devilish Captain Hook?

Little Red Riding Hood:
The Princess & the Pea:

Here are some links on fairy tales that are particularly intriguing...

"The Science of Fairy Tales" by Chris Gorski: An amusing article on the real-life science behind our oldest tales.

"Folklore, Myth and Legend": A wonderful resource of folk and fairy tale archives available online.

"HiveSlides: Fairy Tale Fashion": A collection of styles that are fairytale-inspired.