Tuesday, 1 December 2015

A Holiday Gift ~ WH Smith Travel Stores, Amazon, Urbane Publications ~ eBook/Kindle & Paperback

Kindle & Paperback Available

The holidays are the perfect time to find a quiet space and relax after the festivities. Get those chocs ready, beverage in hand, it's time to wind down and get comfortable with new a book.
'A Carpet of Purple Flowers' is my debut and the perfect choice if you want to escape to a world that entwines with our own. Add a touch of romance, a stirring of magic, and the enigmatic pull of karma...Whola! It is all at your fingertips!

Available to download via Kindle (instant reading)
Or Paperback if you prefer the feel of paper and smell of a new book.

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WH Smith  Available at travel bookstores throughout the U.K. from the 3rd Dec' 2015. WH Smith PLC is one of the UK's leading retailers. Travel stores sell a more tailored range of products than High Street stores. 736 shops in airports, railway stations, motorway service areas, hospitals and workplaces, including 155 units in international locations.
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Please kindly leave a review on the sites below. I'd love to know your thoughts on the story and the characters. Thank you.

Book Blogger Review: HERE

Epic fantasy, coming-of-age, romantic drama and mythology: this book is a finely woven carpet of great fiction.

An intricately-imagined fantasy, suspenseful action, two beautifully interwoven love stories (not the kind of paranormal love triangle I was anticipating), and a lot of well-crafted drama. Brilliant – I want more!

love and light

Monday, 30 November 2015

***Winners Announced ****

Nicole Anaya ~ Signed Paperback 
(A Carpet of Purple Flowers)

Katelyn Elizabeth ~ eBook Grand Prize 
(Launch Event ~ Dark Fey: Standing in Shadows)

Happy Reading :o) 

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