Thursday, 21 January 2010

Twilight fan art page for all...please join and contribute..

Edward & Bella Paper dolls
By Jasmoon

Art By Jillian

Jillian & I thought it would be great to share a space on facebook
for all artists fan art...
We have now made a page and would love other artists to add their creations...
As die hard fans are aware New Moon Dvd is out soon, March and this can be a sort of celebration...(any excuse hee hee)

Maybe join in for Febuary - 1 month prior to New moon release to create a piece of art relating to New Moon in any way you see fit...the only rule being is that it is your creation x

Please email Jillian or myself if you have any ideas etc...


please join us

Twilight Saga Artists - Fan Art

love & light
Trace x

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

We are ok....

Wonderful inspirational video...
Thank you Rachel Whetzel for introducing me xoxo

love & light
Trace x

Help Haiti Please ....just click

Late on the afternoon of January 12, a massive earthquake struck the impoverished country of Haiti 10 miles from the capital of Port-au-Prince,
home to an estimated two million residents. Early reports indicate the temblor,
with a magnitude of 7.0 and aftershocks as high as 5.9,
has caused catastrophic damage, turning large sections of the city to rubble.

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Without water, people can't last much beyond three days. That's why Oxfam focuses much of its emergency response on rushing to provide survivors with a safe supply.

Oxfam teams are distributing water canisters as well as bladders for water stations. With nearly all clean water systems knocked out by the earthquake, their supplies won't last long. But as the roads open up in and around Port-au-Prince, Oxfam is working to truck more water supplies into the city and set up urban latrines.

More Oxfam staff are arriving constantly, and Oxfam has search and rescue teams deployed to pull survivors from the rubble.

Please contribute your click

Love & light
Trace x

Monday, 18 January 2010

Enchanting Snowdonia ...Gwreiddiau

As seen through the eyes of Dave Newbould....

Lets share this magical place together...

Love & light Trace x

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Art Doll Quarterly Spring 2010....we're in girls !

Girlies we are in Febuary 2010 Spring Edition...yay!

Group submission of
'Upcycled cloth & clay dolls'

Jane DesRosier Gritty Arts
(Big thank you for Jane for organising & early photo use xoxo)

This is the upcycled cloth clay doll I submitted with group to
'Art Doll Quarterly'

We are published in Art Doll Quarterly Feb 2010 for doing the Upcycle Challenge!

Her name is


Constructed from:

tea towel - body
Old cushion inner - wadding/stuffing
Creative paperclay
Muslin curtain - frock/shawl

Acrylic paints & matt sealer

Jacqueline is named after a very dear family friend of whom we lost contact with for many, many years.... We met eachother again last year via friends, she is a very special & beautiful lady - I love happy ever afters...xoxo

Our special friend Jacqueline

- Elemental fire (Aries) Passion,
scorch of flame upon the hem of her muslin poetic print frock ...
heart symbolises her inner love forever shared...

Love & light