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Crafty Fox Market apply for a stall

Crafty Fox Market: "Crafty Fox "

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Crafty Fox was launched in 2010 to provide a platform for emerging designer makers
to showcase their work in a community-driven and creative atmosphere.

Our usual home is at the Dogstar, Brixton but occasionally we set up our Den in new locations.

Apply to Sell at our Spring Market 
- 24th March 2012

Please use the form HERE to apply for a space to sell your handmade or vintage goods at the Crafty Fox Spring Market 
on 24th March 2012 (11am - 5pm) 
at The Dogstar, Brixton, SW9. 

Deadline for applications: Tuesday 14th February

The advice in this short clip useful when applying for future markets.

The main points covered are included below: 

- Make sure the organisers can view clear, good quality photos of your products either via a website or by emailing with photos.
- It may help to include a picture of your market stall set up if available.
- Make sure your pricing can be seen clearly as the organisers will need to judge if your work is at the right level for their particular event.
- Try to make your work as unique as possible and highlight this in your application.
- Don't be too disheartened or take it personally if you aren't successful - events are often heavily oversubscribed.

General Information

Tables and chairs are provided by the venue

Please bring table coverings

You may wish to bring extra lighting as the venue is poorly lit

The market will run from 11am - 5pm

The Dogstar is a fully liscensed bar

Payment Options

If your application is successful, payment will be required by 24th February in order to secure your position. Payment details will be sent in the confirmation email.
Please note that your place will only be confirmed once the payment has cleared.
Receipts will be provided on request.

Craft Fair applications:
Via 'Got Craft' (Click on the text link)
Learn how to prepare a craft fair application to help your company stand out from the crowd including choosing the right fair for you, what juries are looking for and how to handle rejection.

Good luck everyone, hope to see you there :0)

love, peace & light

To Do / DIY: felt light decoration

To Do / DIY: felt light decoration:

DIY: felt light decoration

A quick visual on how to create beautiful light covers for fairy lights using felt.
Click the image to take you to the image source.

love, peace & light

The Little Theatre Of Dolls

The Little Theatre Of Dolls: "Little Theatre of Dolls show "

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The Little Theatre of Dolls is a puppet company that consists of two artists and puppeteers,
Frida Alvinzi and Raisa Veikkola.
They met in the rainy streets of London where they eventually decided
 to fly over the puddles with their shared Scandinavian imagination.

In spring 2006 this daydream of reinventing the world around them became real.
That is when The Little Theatre of Dolls was born.

"It is true, the spoken word enlightens both the spirit and the soul.
Indeed, the HENDRICK’S Master Distiller can often be heard talking at length to her
‘two little sweeties’ – the delightful and peculiarly small copper pot stills
from which the most unusual gin flows."

With their creations, they invite the viewer into fantastical worlds where anything is possible.

The Little Theatre of Dolls will present their new show,
 "The Holy Dress". A creation story that draws on ancient cosmic origination myths.
From a universal egg a thought was born that evolves into Eve and Adam.

This story of creation happens inside of a dress and both puppeteers are stuck inside.
They work as the dual forces: the night and day, dark and light,
good and evil manipulate the elements of creation.

In beautifully crafted sceneries the audience gets to experience magical realities and stories acted by exquisite hand made puppets that all have been created by The Little Theatre of Dolls.

A snapshot from the show at Viktor Wynd Fine Art gallery.


The Story Machine is a magical technicolor love story about a girl and a boy trapped inside a television with nothing but objects of desire. Using puppets and live action, The Little Theatre of Dolls has created a surreal world made out of recycled materials and charity shop treasures - and in this world anything is possible. The Story Machine is also a satire of our world of consumer-driven greed.

The puppeteers shown as the mystical masters of the universe seem to know the secrets of the story they tell, using the machine as the tool of creation. The piece shows the confusion in being human and over the collective consciousness of memories. The machine wants to transform the characters into what they desire; to transform it's victims and to make them transcend between worlds and to constantly capture their imagination.

Visit their blog HERE

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» Blue Photo Doll with Wings :

» Blue Photo Doll with Wings : "Blue Photo Doll with Wings
Photo by doll owner Zagzagael"

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Blue Photo Doll with Wings
Photo by doll owner Zagzagael

1/3 size Unicorn Doll

Doll Customization



Dollstown Elf Soph (lower lip modified) "Helka"

kerli and doll

The Snow Queen Project

Special project: Outfit designed by Charie Wilson based on 
gracefaerie designs patterns resized for Impldoll ImpStar girls.

The face-up and photography were done by BJDcollectasy. 
Wig and glass eyes were provided by JpopDoll. 
A Youtube video and article are also available of the doll. 

gracefaerie designs:

 Project page with video:


Bobobie Purple Sprite 1

Bobobie Blue Sprite 2

Yakki by Ravendolls with Dollheart Outfit 
White resin Yakki with Thaasa II body. 
She is dressed in a limited Doll
heart outfit with Angel Boots and has German glass eyes and 2 different wigs.

Yuli by Ashley
Yet to be released, first Photos of new Yuli.

Close-up of 'Fiona' (Alice in Labyrinth Chloe head)

Alice in Labryrinth Chloe Head on Flexi body.

Tired Ballerinas after a Photo Shoot!

A Ghostly Goodnight

Duet from Tattered Ballerina Series

Tattered Ballerina 'Elsbeth'

Tattered Ballerina Solo

Let Them Eat Cake

Choyanbe in the DREAMING of DEGAS dress

Warrior outfit

Warrior and Maiden Couple

Tattered Fairytale 





Idex dolls

Click on images to take you to source for more information:0)

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» My Muse #02 cover :

» My Muse #02 cover : "My Muse cover"

Italian doll art magazine

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First issue online free HERE

Above article on doll designer 'Lilycat' 

Do you feel inspired ? :0)

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» Clara Fornari doll :

» Clara Fornari doll : "Clara Fornari doll"

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Love the colours!!

love, peace & light

» OOAK Dreaming Sandre Green :

» OOAK Dreaming Sandre Green : "OOAK Dreaming Sandre Green"

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OOAK Dreaming Sandre Green

Eugenie and Loonette

Diabolo Grenadine

OOAK Sandre Lilas

Eugenie "miaou"

Lyse Doll

Character Design Research

Lyse de Triste Lune sketch to doll

love, peace & light