Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Idunn completed....

I tried to get as many angles as I could....
sorry you can not see fine crackle :(
I will be investing in a better camera very soon :)
I will be listing her on Etsy by the end of next week...will be my first pieces to sell...so excited ..
love & light
Trace x

Monday, 9 March 2009

gorgeous free blog backgrounds...

A fairy & violets

A flowering tree

I am a Finnish artist and designer

More free backgrounds here:

doll Idunn painted...

Crackled with sonja one step & umbra

front Idunn crackled
Sorry you can not see fine crackle

Crackle on arms & apples, next umbra to antigue

Idunn painted...


initial face in progress

front painted

love & light
Trace x

finished work..

I love her... via the winds she is spreading the warmest, lightest love...
you need only open your heart to receive xxx
I will be selling her on etsy by the end of the month
along with other listings of paintings & dolls x
love & light
Trace x

Paper origami swan...

Just look at this amazing creation!
Paper origami swan....
Made by my daughter Charlotte - made in 2 days...thats dedication :)
I love it and wanted to share it s beauty with you x
Trace x

pyrography paintings....mixed media in progress

feline friends....

As one..

Mixed media artwork
by Traceyanne (jasmoon butterfly)

make a law of attraction vision board...

blessings wonderful people x
Above is a little project...well little in application but huge in rewards :)
I will be making a law of attraction board by the end of the month,
It is a board containing images of my dreams, aspirations for my future....
make a board rather than a journal,
it should be hung somewhere of daily use,
you will then see your wonderful path vision every day!
What a beautiful creation x
A vision board: is a collage of images representing your goals and dreams and a great way to make the Law of Attraction work for you
Things You’ll Need:

Paper pens pencils
Poster board
Old magazines, internet
glue printer
1.Sit quietly. Pick a time of day when you are by yourself without interruptions. Grab a clean piece of paper, take some deep cleansing breaths, and get ready to start.
2.Organize your vision board categories. On your paper, write the following headings, leaving space under each one to list corresponding items: wealth/finances, relationships, family, health, creativity, career, travel. These are just ideas, obviously you can take some of these away or add others. The key is to select categories that represent areas of your life that you would like to focus on.
3.Create your vision list. Within each vision board category, begin listing things you would like to have in your life. Be realistic. Instead of saying "I would like one million dollars" you might say "get out of debt", "increase my savings by 20%", and "be financially secure and independent".
4.Cut out pictures. Go through old magazines and look for pictures and words that represent the items on your vision list. Another option is to use Google Images. Go to Google, select images, type what you are looking for, and print out one of the pictures. Do this for each item on your vision list.
5.Create the vision board. Place all of the pictures or words you've cut out and place them on the poster board, grouping your category items together, and making the vision board visually appealing. Once you have the layout of the vision board complete, adhere everything onto the poster board.
6.Display your vision board in a place you will see it everyday (office, closet, kitchen). Make sure to look at your vision board each day and really feel what it would be like to acquire each item. Stand back and let the universe do its thing.

Listen to her wisdom....your wisdom...it is within...

how beautiful is this...?
Tis your universe......how lucky are you? x

The knowledge....that you are the creator of the path you lead...
not happy...make the changes now for the better...
you can...you will

love light
Trace x

Power Of Love....

(The otherwordly flower - spreading of love by Jasmoon butterfly)

How does the Power Of Love influences Your chance to Be, do and have anything You want?

Precious Friend.....

The Power Of Love is the greatest power of all.

Love is the best and only way to win any fight.

With Love you can conquer anything and everything.

Love is the origin of all life.

Love penetrates everything.

Love is the answer to everything.

Everything is made of Love.

Love is a free gift.

Love can heal anything.

Love can achieve anything.

When you are connected to the Universal Vibration Of Love,

nothing can hurt you and everything is possible.

Everything you desire is already yours!

All you need to do, is to remove hindrances and allow it to be!

And when you have done so,there is nothing left but LOVE!


Sending negative thoughts and feelings towards someone, hurts them, whether they know about it or not.

It damages their being....

Sending negative thoughts and feelings toward someone, hurts yourself. It damages your own


Love is the natural and original way of staying happy and healthy.

A Very Special Message to You about the Power Of Love:

Every little cell within You, is made of Pure Love!

All DNA within Your cells are programmed by Pure Love!

You are Vibrating Love!

You are nothing but Love!

When You realize this - Everything You touch, by Hand or by Mind - will be Blessed and Healed!

now go ahead spread your energy and enjoy life!

love & brightest light

Trace x

Daily affirmations ....video

It’s full of inspiring and validating affirmations about wealth, creativity, contribution and overall well-being.
Watch it every day for thirty days.
For extra emphasis, read the slides aloud as you watch.
You can’t help but feel empowered when you’re done.

Daily affirmations are the key to the law of attraction

love & light

Trace x

Sunday, 8 March 2009