Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Sharing a beautiful soul ~Victoria Pettella~ ;o)

Sharing the images and words of Victoria

Soulful Creations

A Natural draw to the artistic and experimental side of things

Sparked by an explorative and curious nature; I love the experimental and intuitive side of creativity. Creation is always awake, it lives uncaged and free, no rules to follow, only new seeds to explore.
I love all that is unusual and mysterious . I find connection and meaning in all that is imperfect, flawed, poetic and beautiful. I am drawn to the unseen, the ethereal, soulful essence of both light and dark, the spirit of nature, the seasons of transformation, patterns of creation and finding hidden magic in ordinary things.

Victoria's Words - I first fell in love with photography many moons ago while working in the darkroom & seeing my black & white prints come to life before my eyes, I became fascinated.
This sparked a journey of self-exploration through imagery.
A natural draw to the artistic and experimental side of things.
I have a deep love for all forms of photography from Old World to New & feel it is a realm of constant growth & more importantly, a magical way to intuit & experience your own artistic journey as it speaks to you !
I keep you in the mists 
of my memory

we can dream
you will be safe

I keep you in the mists
of my memory
and I will hold you 
till I am 

~Victoria Pettella~

Wishing you all the best, Victoria. 
Thank you for bringing amazing beauty to the world.

love and light,