Monday, 30 July 2012

Potion tag ideas

Need potion ideas for the blog party in Sep'12?

Here are some tags to get the creative juices flowing :0)

I used word to create these.

Aged papers using tea, oven and burning.

 Below created using Polyvore

Via here

Below one I created via Polyvore

Below I made again in Polyvore

Links to further inspirational pictures and links/sources are

Feeling inspired for potion creation yet?

love & light


Anonymous said...

So glad I found you! Love your work and talent...and your blog is simply wonderful! Have a fabulous week, Marcia in California

Angela Reeves said...

Your blog is lovely and filled with so much inspiration! I'm happy to have wandered this way :-) The potion label ideas are excellent!! I've just started my new blog and I'm really looking forward to participating in these fun events.
I'll definitely be visiting often!


Rachel Curtis said...

What a beautiful blog you have here, wonderfully magic.

Rachel x