Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Flower Moon

The May full moon rises tonight as the mystic Flower Moon, marking the sixth full moon of the year.
Flower Moon 2-18 shining through some trees
In ancient times, it was common to track the changing seasons by following the lunar month rather than the solar year, which the 12 months in our modern calendar are based on.

For millennia, people across Europe, as well as Native American tribes, named the months after features they associated with the Northern Hemisphere seasons, and many of these names are very similar or identical.

The moon affects us all, whether we notice or not, for up to 3 days before during and after the full moon you may feel its effects.  Full moons are a great time to stop and rest, honor the cycles of life and the Moons energy.

Many consider this occasion to have an impact on the cosmic star signs – but what does the Flower Moon mean for you?

The Full Flower Moon, also known as the Dragon Moon or Milk Moon, peaks tonight on Tuesday, May 29.

The flower moon is said to be one of the brightest moons of the year, shining light down on the blossoms and crops, let this luminosity light up your life, inner and outer world too.  The energy of Flower moon is:

  • Beauty: step into your true power

  • Abundance: Like the bountiful flowers of nature, its time for us to blossom!

  • Prosperity: a time to wish and make plans, focus on manifestation  

  • Healing: Focus on your internal world of personal growth and balance, illuminate the dark aspects of yourself and allow light to shine within! 

  • Re-Birth: What do you need to let go of? The moon will help you to refresh and renew, like a snake shedding its skin  

In the US the full moon appeared just over the horizon in the early morning hours and will fly over Europe sometime after 3pm UK time.
Flower Moon 2018: Full moon behind clouds
Astrologers following the brightly lit moon’s path across the skies believe it could create a “very competitive” environment” in the next two weeks.
Flower Moon 2018 over London's Tower Bridge
According to Jamie Partridge of Astrology King, people under the Flower Moon will be particularly committed to claim what is theirs.
Meanwhile, spiritual adviser Cherokee Billie thinks the Flower Moon is an opportunity for people to head into the new month feeling fresh and ready for a new start.

He said: “The Flower Moon also symbolises us humans.

“Like the flowers, it is time for us to blossom, to grow day by day by soaking up the sun’s rays, and to gather our energy from it.
The astrology expert added the full moon will “illuminate” your darkest days and corners offering a chance to “shed our outer skin as a form of renewal”.

Annabel Gat of Broadly also thinks Geminis need to brace themselves for more romance in their lives.

The astrologer said: “This will be a powerful time for your relationships. It’ll be an important time for letting go, too.
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Full Moon Names
Today, we use many of these ancient month names as Full Moon names. A common explanation is that Colonial Americans adopted many of the Native American names and incorporated them into the modern calendar.

However, it seems that it is a combination of Native American, Anglo-Saxon, and Germanic month names which gave birth to the names commonly used for the Full Moon today.
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May is also associated with the divine feminine, connect with your inner divine feminine.  Let all around you blossom, especially your relationships, spend time with your partner, family, loved ones and your loved community.

Some years have 13 Full Moons, which makes one of them a Blue Moon, as it doesn't quite fit in with the traditional Full Moon naming system. However, this is not the only definition of a Blue Moon.
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Wildflowers in Bloom
The Full Moon of May is known as Flower Moon to signify the flowers that bloom during this month. There is a myriad of wildflowers which bloom in May in the Northern Hemisphere, where these traditional Full Moon names originated. For example, many types of anemone, wild garlic, indigo, bluebells, lupine, sundrops, and violets, to name just a few. It is no wonder that the colorful displays these flowers create in nature have inspired people to name this time after them.
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Sagittarius Flower Moon
Other names for May's brightest Moon phase are Corn Planting Moon, and Milk Moon, from the Old English Rimilcemona which means Month of Three Milkings, when cows were milked three times a day. Some sources refer to it as Hare Moon, but this name is more common for the March Full Moon.

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