Thursday, 12 June 2014

Editing, editing , editing! Update ~ June 2014

Writing a story?

Yup! I've been there. Still going there! Lol
Okay, so it is the fourth draft, and with the help of some amazing beta readers, I'm working on the fifth. 
Lordy, lordy!

It has been quite a journey, and I'm still walking that path, hoping to find my rainbow's end.
(How I long to create art dolls day, one month, well, once the editing is done).

I completed my first draft, 'A Carpet of Purple Flowers' at the end of Dec 2013. 
I left it for a month, and went back to it in January 2014.
Since then, my work has been draft, edit, new draft, edit, etc....You get the picture.

Once I completed the 4th draft, I decided to be brave and ask for the opinions of beta readers.
This felt real scary. Was I ready? I had to be, I had to take that next step in my writing.

A beta reader is usually, an avid reader of the genre that you are writing for. They read a partial, or full, of your work and give you invaluable feedback, what they feel is positive/negative.

This has been a fabulous step for me, because after a while, the page/screen, your story, your 'baby', turns into one big blur. You've worked on it for so long, that it's difficult to see past errors, or how to improve. This is exactly the time, that you need a beta reader, preferably, around eight, for that 80/20 rule. 

Everyone has personal opinions/tastes, so it's important that the writer must remember to only make changes to their manuscript if  more than ~ two out of eight, mention the same thing.

My wonderful beta readers, full and partial evaluations are HERE

I bet you can guess what I'm doing today?
Yes! More editing ~ Whoo-hoo! ;o)

The feedback has been fantastic, much better than I'd ever hoped. However, there are a two areas that need more work...yup, still learning :o) 

The first area that requires editing are the first two chapters, a little less back-story. I wasn't aware of the 'golden rule' of the first five pages. Tut! Tut!
The second, adding more chemistry between the characters/groups. 
Could always use more, right?

Well, that was my little update for you. Sorry, arty friends, I'm not quite ready to create physical wonders, but soon, very soon ;o) 

Love and light