Friday, 18 January 2008


'Book Of Open Knowledge'

I love ancient knowledge, tales of lore - it soars my creative mind into enchanted places :)

Upon my researching for my textile studies (I made the subject of my theme: motherearth) it was then I discovered wicca and the Book of Shadows.

The name disturbed me somewhat as sounded so dark (and even though I realise the shadows were to hide from sight due to danger in the finding of such material) I decided to bring ancient wisdom into the light (out of the shadows)...I wanted only goodness and light to be portrayed via its pages/ badness, no ill will. Harm ye none...

My ideas for my b.o.o.k s were initially derived from my love of nature based religions/concepts of various ancient paths.

Since then I have developed pages of lore such as 'The mermaid of Zennor' (I think it called me even more as I used to live in a street called 'Zennor road'! :)

Another is 'Tristan and Isolde' of which I am working on now.

Just to design pages to spread love and light, knowledge to all who reads them, brings a special reward

.....and importantly it feels right :)

I will upload more pics of my pages once completed....I also have above photos at:

Journal of goddess bless )o(

Hi everyone, a warm welcome to you :)

This is my new development 'journal of goddess bless'
basically its my expression of the need a gentleness in our world...
There is always so much anger and frustration surrounding us all in our daily lives
that I felt I needed to create a book I can leave around for people and myself to browse through.

Hopefully it will be thought invoking and comforting :)

It is my first ever journal (wow) and is not finished - I want to take my time and enjoy it!

Thats the great thing about journals you can reach for them when you feel the need, no pressures, no correct or wrong way ....just flowing with with inner creative self! I love it!

First page in this Blog too...again will take time so please bare with me.

Above pages I used water colour washes and ink. The words reaching to the moon say :

with my words
may I speak your wisom
may my soul
always walk in your light beautiful ..

more pages...

Within these pages I have added information of lore associated with the Fae ie: Nordic Elves (left)
There are also short poems relating to the fae (right)
and some goddess, feminine notes (middle)


The Goddess -
is soft as the rounded hills of her body
and as sweet as the apple blossom that grows in her orchards
here her love enfolds us everyday
and her voice is always near carried on the wind
whispering through the mists of Avalon
her mysteries are as deep as the cauldron she stirs
taking us into her depths
and lifting us up to her heights
she is our source
our inspiration
and our love....