Saturday, 4 January 2014



Wishing you all a healthy, happy and abundant 2014.

It has been a while since I last posted on my blog as I've been quite overloaded with Christmas and writing!
I wanted to share with you the completion of my manuscript - 

A carpet of purple flowers.
It is the first book in a trilogy.
Initial Book Cover  - Designed By Marenne Hoeksema

Marenne has lovingly designed a beautiful, handcrafted custom book for me. My (personal) first print, prior to seeking an agent / publisher. A personal treasure! I saw Marenne's designs on Deviantart (a great place for artists of all media to share their wonderful talents) and I fell in love with her style! If you would like a book designed by Marenne send her an email. Please inform her that I recommended you. 

I will pop some pictures up very soon of actual book.
(Being created this month)

Below is the blurb -

Genre: Fiction 
Sub-genre: Paranormal romance, Magical Realism, Urban Fantasy

Book One: A carpet of purple flowers – 
‘Every unknown is a beginning’.

Bea lives a simplistic life residing in a SW London second-hand bookshop. It had been an especially difficult year, first with Bea’s uncles passing then splitting up with Brandon her philandering, druggie ex. The shops trivial daily conversations, local faces and calm was all Bea desired, but that was all about to change.

A childhood friend convinces Bea that going out would do her some good, but the night out brings with it the start an enormous change that would impact Bea’s life forever.

No-one expects to bump into supernatural beings let alone two opposing sects of a forgotten race. Bea’s quiet existence turns into turmoil as she slowly starts to unravel a secret past. A lost history in which love, revenge, betrayal, magic, power and karmic lessons are not mere cycles of a soul, but a sacred journey upon a web of many possibilities.

The future is not set in stone and the choices Bea makes ripple through the cosmos. As the secret unfolds she realises that no matter what form your soul takes there are consequences for ones actions in which time has no relevance – we call it karma, they call it Vororbla.

Will Bea cope with the heartbreak and truths before her? What would you do if your very existence came into question? Join Bea as she uncovers the truth of her past via a carpet of purple flowers.

So at present I am sending out queries and submissions. In the process of setting up a website and a Facebook page - wow it's all go!Lol...Please bare with me for future doll creations.
Please wish me luck :o)

Thank you popping by.

Love, light and peace