Saturday, 13 June 2015

Fancy popping over to the book website and letting me know your thoughts? ;o)

'What you seek is seeking you'

Hi everyone ;o) 
Hope you're all enjoying summer, it seems to have finally arrived, huh? Well, it's been quite the year already. Still trying to squeeze in some art activities, please bear with me. 

I wondered, hoped, that some of you would kindly pop over to the book website and let me know your thoughts. What you liked or weren't keen on. What would you like to see more of? At present I'm blindly posting what I feel may be of interest concerning the book, but it would be fantastic to receive more feedback. Please come back and leave a comment on the blog post, and I will reply, and try and improve on areas that you mention. 

At present, I'm working on Book Two - Awake in Purple Dreams. This is the middle part of the 'complete' story (of all three books). It has more action, twists and turns, with certain characters going through some deep personal journeys - facing fears/letting go/dealing with revelations. 

Fundamentally, this is a story about love, and we know that love's not simple, right? It can be all consuming, but one cannot give love without knowing the self, and this is where Bea's dilemma lays. 
The question is...can she find the answer within two hearts?

Love and Light

Friday, 12 June 2015

Textile Artists :o)

Hi everyone :o) 

I thought you'd love to see some wonderful work by amazing textile artists. I have a weakness for mixed media, especially when artists use fibers. Quite some time ago, I studied surface design, loved every minute. It's incredible what you can create using marbles/elastic/bands and a mix of other materials. Here goes: 
Arty Love

Roxanne Evans Stout.

Maggie Ayres

Rahola Drdul

Carol Walker

Maggie Ayres

Akis Goumas - bracelet - forged silver and fabric.

Rahola Drdul

Hannah Lamb.

Alicia Tormey.

Sara Lechner.

Deborah O'Hare , Walnut Shore.

Embroidery by yumiko arimoto.

Laura Cater-Woods - Fiber Art.

Landscape by Andrea Graham.

Embroidered coat by Alabama chanin.

Rosemarie Taylor Paper Fabric piece - Garden series.

Linda Vincent.

Liz Cooksey - Textitle Artist.

Red Bowl by Cas Holmes.

Willemien de Villiers - Image of The Mysteries.

Mawra-Tahreem   Self-consciousness.

Louise Watson.

'Margaret and Mary' - Julie Cockburn - embroidery.

Louise Richardson.

Marit Fujiwara.

Taking feathers to the next level. Jude's stitching is magical. (Jude Hill - spirit cloth ).

Nuno Felted Scarf Wrap by FeltedPleasure on Flickr.

Detail of Donna Sharrett's 'Love Songs' exhibition at Pavel Zoubok.

Love and light