Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Hi everyone :0)

So much has been going on that I am behind on ADO's day of the dead challenge! 
My son Lewis has been ill over the last two months, 
and had his tenth birthday -
finally drs managed to diagnose appendicitis! Long story.

(Lewis's first sight of food in 48 hrs!)

It has been quite a stressful time all round and I need to get my creative muse back in flow :0)
Lewis's birthday 27th October

Last month we celebrated my other sons 20th birthday too 25th October - Travis
(two scorpios -no I do not feel old lol, ok maybe just a little)
I created some sketches

 Worked on some ideas for a day of the dead doll (DOD)
 Sketched ideas onto a wip (work in progress)
Yep I need to do more :0)

I have missed my blogging and thought a quick update will help start get me back on track :0)
Missed u guys!

Love, light & peace