Friday, 5 October 2012

le mysterieux carnival

Le Mysterieux Carnival
La Faralla Cirque
use the key and
 a door will open
Your journey begins
Down  the path
Youve arrived at the cirque gates,
Take care now
Walk that little bit further!
the sky appears to move....faster
 you feel light-headed, but wait. .
Someone greets you,
Youre so very close now
The lighting
illuminates all 

 you enter
Hello let me introduce you
To the Faralla Cirque
Faralla means butterly
We have a lot in store for you! Said a lady whom
played with a rose, her stare made you feel uneasy. .
The crew are here to put on a show.
 an unusual but like-able lot.
You took your seat
The Faralla crew first put on a smoke performance.
.. the piano played an eerie melody.
The smoke act continued..

Then smoke filled the room and nothing could be seen
Suddenly there was a gust of wind and the sound of an electric guitar!

The farfalla band.
 The farfalle danced to the band.
Everyone jumped out of their seats!
You felt the excitement 
The performance came to a climax
and  fireworks finished the show of smoke with a bang!
It was time for interlude,
But the powder room was already engaged!
The people in the queue outside did not look so inviting either 
you leave the powder room and 
the rather odd looking queue in a hurry. 
the next performance was about to begin -
The baby dragon act
Next The Zombie skull man

 The Faralla then flew for your entertainment.
They fluttered upon the heads of the audience,
Flick their ears and make knots in hair!

They flew into a jar and then 
somersaulted out into the air!
It was breathtaking!
the faralla made beautiful
 lights everywhere, Interlude
you visited the sideshows!
 Below a Faralla trainer
One does not attempt to speak with her,
She has a high pitch screech, not nice to ones ears.
Only the Faralla understand her.
 The fortune tellers
 an otherworldly sort.
Originate via the Faralla woodlands.
Let them speak their business then leave ..quickly.
The Faralla always fly home prior to the ending of the show.
After your experience at the sideshows you returned to your seat
The Cirque crew took to the ring,
Flying and spinning 
The music stopped ..
 tis now the ending of the show.
A warm smile is in place from the crew

They blow kisses to the audience 
as the curtain falls...
After all they want you to return.
...But Before you leave one gives you a gift.
You are reluctant to take it, but do not wish to offend,
You then place upon your face a forced smile.
You take your leave, someone guides your way.
You walk the same path that you came.
...and eventually upon reaching the gates
turn around for one last glance . .
You shiver, the cirque has gone.
All that was in its place were 
lots of Butterflies!
They began to fly in a swarm..
and got closer

The white flutters of wings turn to black...
The lilac - deep purple
The rose - bright pink. . 
the wings then turn to only one 
attached the small body of a rather strange person
 -  was this the true Faralla?
You look upon your gift,
Your hair stands on end. . .
You thought that you saw something move!
Or was it just your imagination?
No the box transforms into a blank piece of paper!
The paper then transforms again before your eyes!
Your hand shakes 
A Faralla appears 
....the blank paper now full of colour!

The image transforms again 

 ..and again
you now see a face staring back at you!
Her eyes look sad but dangerous
you feel like your getting drowsy 
you force yourself to blink!!!
The image changes again..

 You drop the paper and run.
Your heart pounding, your hands still shaking!
You vow that you will never 
visit a cirque again.

The gift, the box, the blank sheet of paper, it's transforming images...multiply!
A gush of wind lifted them from the ground, they drifted into the sky....
Has anyone seen the Faralla?

Love, light & peace