Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Honouring the past...

Hi everyone :0)

As you know I am taking part in Tams 'Lifebook' class

It has been great fun, a test of different styles to learn.

This piece is about honouring the past...via Gritty Jane.
Collage base of images re-presenting the past for me were:
Daisy head-dress, hippie power, tea, and Puff the magic dragon music.

I found this piece quite a challenge, but I am happy with her now :0)

The base - collage

Below is  - week 14
Honouring your past with Tam

Basically past experiences made who you are,
and this artwork was to represent what changes had the most impact.

For me it was, still is my dreams, hope, my love of art/creativity that
caused me to transform certain areas of my life, 
whilst giving me strength to overcome difficulties.
My heart...creatively soulful.

Below is a digital play piece from the original sketch.
Loving filters!

Above are links to photo editing sites. Have fun :0)

This piece 'Paint over collage' with Tam

My base - the collage

Completed piece..

The dress detail

Cropped and in a frame with words..

 It was great sharing these new pieces with you,
thank you for stopping by :0)

love and light


Monday, 23 April 2012

La Diada de Sant Jordi Lovers Day

23 RD April...
a date for the diary

A day for love....

April 23rd, Saint George's day, La Diada de Sant Jordi,
Barcelona's Valentine's day,

a day when kissometer readings go off the charts,
a day so sweet and playful, so goofy and romantic,
that 6 million Catalans go giddy from dawn to dusk.

Patron Saint of Catalonia, international knight-errant Saint George allegedly slew a dragon about to devour a beautiful princess south of Barcelona.

From the dragon's blood sprouted a rosebush, from which the hero plucked the prettiest for the princess.

Hence, the traditional Rose Festival celebrated in Barcelona since the Middle Ages
to honor chivalry and romantic love,
a day for men and mice alike to give their true loves roses.

In 1923, the lovers' fest merged with International Book Day to mark the anniversary of the all but simultaneous April 23, 1616 deaths
of Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare.

Over four million roses and half a million books are sold in
Catalonia on Sant Jordi's Day,
men giving their inamoratas roses and the ladies giving books in return.

Bookstalls run the length of the Rambla, and despite the fact that April 23rd is an official workday,
nearly all of Barcelona manages to play hooky and wander.

La Diada de Sant Jordi Lovers Day

In Barcelona and all of Catalonia, Sant Jordi's day erupts joyfully.
The spring air is sweet and filled with promise. Lovers are everywhere.
There is a 24-hour reading of Don Quixote. Authors come to bookstalls to sign books.
In Sarrià a floral artisan displays 45 kinds of roses representing 45 different kinds of love, from impossible to unrequited to filial and maternal.
The sardana is reverently danced in Plaça Sant Jaume,
while the Generalitat, its patio filled with roses, opens its doors to the public. Choral groups sing love songs in resonant corners of the Gothic Quarter while jazz combos play in Plaça del Pi.
The Rambla is solid humanity from the Diagonal to the Mediterranean, two miles of barcelonins basking in the warmth of spring and romance.
Rare is the roseless woman on the streets of Barcelona, schoolgirls to avias (grandmothers), all aglow with bashful smiles.
By midnight, the Rambla, once a watercourse, is again awash with flower water and covered with rose-clippings and tiny red-and-yellow-striped ribbons with diminutive letters spelling
"Sant Jordi," "Diada de la Rosa," and "t'estimo" ("I love you").

love & light

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sketch work tips for 29 faces blogging

Hi Everyone :0)

I thought that I would share some sketch ideas.
Next month Martha is starting 29 faces, blogging a face a day in May.

The face does not have to be completed, it can be a simple sketch
or a completed painting, sculpture etc.

The face can be made in any medium.

Below are some inspirational images/tips to get you
thinking of how to create 29 different faces :0)

General Drawing Tips 

·          Rather try to "suggest" features on your fashion design figure than drawing it in, and if in doubt – don’t draw it in at all.

·          Features on figures for fashion design are often smaller than you think. For instance, the hand can almost entirely cover the face. Fashion hands, although exaggerated, should always be in proportion to the body.

·          Ears and eyes are in line with each other between the nose and the eyebrows.

·          Eyes are positioned halfway up the head, often we draw them higher up – it’s a common mistake.

·          Eyes are generally positioned one eye-width apart.

·          The iris of the eye is half covered by the upper eyelid and this creates a shadow on the eyeball.

·          Eyelashes become bushier and thicker towards the outer corners of the eye. Bottom lashes are shorter.

·          The bottom lip is generally always fuller than the top lip.

·          Lips are not drawn in a straight line as they curve horizontally around the face.

·          Rather than drawing teeth individually, suggest it by drawing a shadow in between each individual tooth.

·          The nose actually starts at the forehead and there is an indentation where the bone ends and the cartilage begins.

·          Made up of planes that form the sides top and the base, the nose has a ball at the bottom and wings on either side where the nostrils flare.

Please note: 
Source/websites for all artists pictures shown are available by clicking link here.

love & light