Thursday, 22 October 2009

Greener way for clothing........


Refashion: Junky Styling

Junky Styling was formed in 1997 by Annika Sanders and Kerry Seager who made clothes for themselves to wear out to clubs in the early 90’s during their late teens.

Everything Junky Styling produce is recycled from the best quality second hand clothing, deconstructed, re-cut and completely transformed into a new product that belies the former identity of the raw material. All products stocked in the Junky Store are either recycled, fair trade, made from organic materials or ethically produced. They hope to inspire all their customers to look at their discarded clothes and general waste items with fresh eyes and a resourceful frame of mind.

In this series of refashion how-to's, Anni from Junky Styling shows how with a few old garments, a needle and thread and an eye for seeing things differently, you can be on the way to making your own unique and stylish garments.

Junk Styling


Charity shops and jumble sales were the chosen source of second hand traditional suits to deconstruct and then redesign into twisted tailored garments.
Shop in Brick Lane.