Thursday, 5 May 2011

Fairy house tutorial...

You are never too old for faeries.
If you have an old, unused dollhouse in the attic,
it can come back to life with some attention and creativity.
Take your old dollhouse and transform it into a beautiful and whimsical faerie house.

Vandalize your dollhouse.
Yes, vandalize it. Smash out the windows,
tear out the stairs if you want.
Keep the door, but get rid of the plastic.
(Faeries don't like plastic much.)

Paint the dollhouse with natural colors.
If you don't do this, you will have some colors showing through and it might not look right.
One method is to use spray paint,
and paint it with tones of grey and brown.
(Make sure you use a respirator.)

Collect materials for your home.
They must be dry or the glue won't stick to them.
For lap siding, you can use cat tail leaves.
You can also make a stone cottage, or cover it with birch bark.
Norway Pines have wonderful bark for shingles on the roof.
Use old slips, fabric and lace for curtains.
Layer them for a good effect.
To detail the house, you might find some great shapes in potpourri,
or from dried flowers from the garden.

Use hot wood glue and a glue gun to put it all together.
If you can't find hot wood glue sticks,
you can use regular, but it might not last as long.


If the house is plastic or smooth, things won't stick very well.
You can glue burlap or fabric to the house first,
and it will help the other materials stick to it.
Try to use natural colors.

For a whimsical look, layer lace, gauze or other sheer materials to the windows.
You can also make it look like the wind is blowing by manipulating the curtains.


Keep a bowl of cold water, some burn cream,
or anything else to soothe burns near you
in case you burn yourself on the glue gun or glue.
If you haven't used a hot glue gun,
practice for a while. Don't touch the tip.
This will not hold up for long in the elements.
Do not put it outside unless you are willing to let it fall apart.


Wikihow is a great tutorial site, please click on link to visit.
This LINK takes you to making fae food.

Enjoy :0)

Love & Light


Healing Woman said...

This is a beautiful post. I just sent a link to my granddaughter. I think she would love to redo the large dollhouse I made for her mother when she was a child. There is just something so magical about your blog..I love coming here.

Dena said...

I love this and I want one. I have added this to my things I want to create list. Thanks :)

JenW!~ said...

Lovely post. My hubby built me a fairy house last year. I decorated it with moss and stones. I just love your blog.

jasmoonbutterfly said...

Hi Cheryl :0) OOooo I hope your grandmother enjoys the post..what a great idea, very special to relive/re-create something so special. Would love to see pictures if she decides to give it a the memories :0)
Thank you for feeling the magic, I really try to give it that presence..really want to get visits to be memorable in a soulful way. Thank you for your lovely inspiring words, love & light xxx
Dena I feel the same, my create list is quite something lol xxx
Jen OOooo how lucky you are! Clever hubby :0) Would love to see some photos if poss - send to email or post on my wall on fb (jasmoon butterfly) xxx

Alina said...

I LOVE LOVE this! and yes, I do have a couple of old doll houses somewhere in my attic. Thanks for such great tips and a never ending inspiration. Happy Spring XO

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just ran into this website and now i am in love with it! maybe its an odd question but here i go: Those pictures of the man and the two girls carriyng the fairy house are from a movie.If you could help me I would be so so happy! I saw the movie over and over again when i was a little girl and now I can't remember the name of it ;( i am searcing it for quite a while now and then I stumbled into these photo's. And thanks for the inspiration!