Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Potion list half translated in Elvish (faery script)

PoTiOn LiSt :

Henneth (hehn-ehth) means window : To see the fae (faeries) - A mixture of herbs :
Megil (meh-gill) means sword: Protection & healing against Elf Shot (humankind) -
Nor means above : All heal for the fae - Unicorn salvila
Bein (bane) meand beautiful : All heal humankind -
Mae (my) means well: Antidote from falling in love with a fae - eat a certain flower
Eithel (ay-thell) means wells: Antidote from falling in love with humankind -
Ninniach (neen-ee-akh) means rainbow:
Bereth (bare-ehth) means queen: to empower ones self mostly female humankind -
Aranel (are-uh-nell) means princess: to empower a humankind with strength -
Vísi álfa is the ruler of all potions that include magic, it is a rare ingredient from the faes homeland. Even the fae do not in truth know what it consists of/how it enables such power in potions. They have knowledge of it through their recorded histories. The substance used in potions grows upon a rare fungi like dew in hidden, dark places. It is said it does this to bring light into what would only be darkness, a promise of hope is its common name. This mushroom derived from the faes original home not the fairyland we are aware of today. Once it is said they grew in humankinds lands and that we visualize the toadstool now as a type of symbol for the fae....In a way it is, but its not the correct shroom. At present Jasmoon has not been informed of the shrooms name but  Vísi álfa is the dew type residue that forms upon the shroom.
Ælfwaru - a female guardian potion for the fae.
Avaria means unknown - a wine potion made from  stjarna absinthium (star wormwood)

PoSiOn LiSt :

Iâ (ee-ah) means abyss : Against cruelty - poisonous mushrooms in a tasty glistening syrup.
Nathron (nah-thron) means webmaster:  Unkindness to mother nature - hairy spider saliva and sorry to say it fae poop (no spider is harmed in the process) The fae said Jasmoon can reveal these ingredients only because humans might be kinder if they are made aware of what is in the potion prior to committing this crime. Jasmoon quotes from the fae directly: A horrid potion for a horrid deed.        Simple as that.
Athan (ah-thahn) means beyond: Unkindly Sidhe (bad faeries) - Banishment potion, sends them back to original source.
Ohtar (oh-tar) means warrior : Elf Shot ( dangerous to the humankind) - only a faery witch can cure this ailment.
Naith (nithe) means spear point: Iron (dangerous to fae)
Note: The fae have many potions for humankind Many years ago (ancient times not documented by humans) they befriended the humans that were kind. I guess you do not have to be a faery-witch to know how that ended. Some humans betrayed the faes kindness and were extremely hateful towards them.
They called the faes friends 'witches' but in fact they were 'wise-women', it is a sad tale best left to another day. The fae then went into hiding (a type of Avalon) and being the kind beings they are kept the books of potions for our kind in the hope that one day they can share this information once again ...with us.
Jasmoon has tried humankind relations but it will be a very long time until total trust is resumed, but hey we are making that start brilliant is that? :0)

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