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Faery healer and witch


She a faery witch…
Characteristics of a Faery Witch

A Faery witch is one who has a special affinity with the Faeries,
Unlike Witches initiated into Wiccan traditions such as the Gardnerian and Alexandrian paths,
the Faery Witch is one whose talent comes from deep communion with nature alone.
There is no necessity to connect to a line of initiates to become a channel for power.
The connection is through the Fay who work through the land and the imagination.

Feri Wicca is also known as the Feri Faith, or as Faery/Faerie/Fairy Wicca.
Wicca, though to the best of my knowledge it is considered to be a branch of British Traditional Wicca.

To practice faery wicca, one must have an understanding of astrology and anatomy
as well as herbology and botony.

The Faery Witch is content to walk across the land
with intent and heightened consciousness to feel the workings of magic.
The relationship between the Witch and the Fay is the magic.
Animals trust Faery Witches.

Faery Witches are usually drawn to the Arthurian and Holy Grail Mythos.
This is because one of main branches of Faery, the Tuathaa de Danaan are Grail Keepers.
Many of the stories and myths that came to comprise Arthurian Romance were
drawn from the visions of Faery Seers, or Bardic Poets.
Faery Witches often have poetic talents. Visionary language comes naturally to them.
Faery Witches do not like iron! Therefore swords are not part of our Magical Regalia.

Faery Witches understand what Faeries are at deeper levels than those who may like Faeries but are not Faery Witches.
Faery Witches are not afraid of disturbing psychic images and undercurrents.
We are drawn to the mystery.

The ability of the Faery Witch to see  and communicate with the Unseen endows him or her with the ability to heal others. Alliances with the Fay increase the effectiveness of Faery Healing.
Find your tree, as trees are considered the spirit of wisdom; while each practitioner may use the resources of more than one tree, each individual has a specific tree which helps them to develop their own practice. A natural and spiritual affinity to a specific form of tree should come naturally. Seek out this type of tree, using all of it's natural parts, meditating beside it and using it during ritual practice.

Practice according a lunar cycle.
Celebrate communal festivals during high holidays.
High holidays include Samhain on October 31, Nollaig on December 21, Imbolc on February 1, Lá Fhéile Earrach on March 21, Lá Bealtaine on May 1, Lá Fhéile Eoin on June 21, Lúnasa on August 1 and Lá Fhéile Fómhar on September 21.
When performing a rite of passage ritual, practice the rite during Nollaig, or the winter solstice.

An excellent way to gett a fayrie, this will obtaine any one that is not allready bound. First gett a broad square christall or venus glasse in length and breadth 3 inches, then lay that glasse or christall in the bloud of a white henne 3 Wednesdayes or 3 Fridayes: then take it out and wash it with holy aquae and fumigate it : then take 3 hazle sticks or wands of an yeare groth, pill them fayre and white, and make soe longe as you can write the spirits name, or fayries name, which you call 3 times, on every sticke being made flatt one side, then bury them under some stone hill whereas you suppose fayries haunt, the Wednesdaye before you call she, and the Fridaye followinge take them uppe and calle she at 8 or 3 or 10 of the clock which be goode plannetts howres for that turne: 
but when you call, be in cleane Life and 
turne thy face towards the East, 
and when you have she bind 
her to that stone or glasse.

Good for if you dont want to 
catch the fairy in question 
but just to see her/ 'him'?

Take a long walk in the woods 
at twilight Midsummer's eve.

An unguent to annoynt under the eyelids, and upon the eyelids eveninge and morninge: but especially when you call; or find your sight not perfect. R. [?] A pint of sallet-oyle, and put it into a viall glasse: but first wash it with rosewater, and marygold-water : the flowers ‘to’ be gathered towards the east. Wash it till the oyle come white; then put it into the glasse, ut supra: and then put thereto the budds of holyhocke, the flowers of marygold, the flowers or toppes of wild thime, the budds of young hazle : and the thime must be gathered neare the side of a hill where Fayries use to be: and ‘ take’ the grasse of a fayrie throne, there. All these put into the oyle, into the glasse : and set it to dissolve three dayes in the sunne, and then keep it for thy use; ut supra.
~Ms.Ashmole 1406~

Many ‘fairy stories’ (as opposed to fairy tales) involve human interlopers accidentally sealing their eyes with a fairy cream that allows them to see fairies. Typically, they see fairies doing something they should not and the fairy turns and blinds the impudent human by sticking a finger in their eye.
If you do see fairies after anointing yourself then I would advise you not to let on at first.
Assess the situation over a period of time before revealing yourself.

Witches and fairy doctors receive their power from opposite dynasties; the witch from other spirits and her own will; the fairy doctor from the fairies,, and a something--a temperament--that is born with him or her. The first is usually feared and disliked. The second is usually gone to for advice & healing. The most celebrated fairy doctors are sometimes people the fairies loved and carried away, and kept with them for seven years; not that those the fairies' love are always carried off--they may merely grow silent and strange, and take to lonely wanderings in the "gentle" places. Such will, in after-times, be great poets or musicians, or fairy doctors; or artists, they must not be confused with those who have a Lianhaun shee [leannán-sidhe], for the Lianhaun shee lives upon the vitals of its chosen, and they waste and die. She is of the dreadful solitary fairies. To her have belonged the greatest of the Irish poets, from Oisin down to the last century.

Those we speak of have for their friends the trooping fairies--the gay and sociable populace of raths and caves. Great is their knowledge of herbs and spells. These doctors, when the butter will not come on the milk, or the milk will not come from the cow, will be sent for to find out if the cause be in the course of common nature or if there has been witchcraft. Perhaps some old hag in the shape of a hare has been milking the cattle. Perhaps some user of "the dead hand" has drawn away the butter to her own chum. Whatever it be, there is the counter-charm. They will give advice, too, in cases of suspected changelings, and prescribe for the "fairy blast" (when the fairy strikes anyone a tumour rises, or they become paralysed. This is called a "fairy blast" or a "fairy stroke").

The fairies are, of course, visible to them, and many a new-built house have they bid the owner pull down because it lay on the fairies' road (Ley lines).Lady

How to Meet the Faeries:

We all experience things in different ways. Some of us will see, while others will hear, feel or smell. Be open to all of your senses and the faeries will come to you in the way that is most natural for you to experience. Practicing can help you develop your third eye vision if it feels important for you to "see" these beings. Whenever possible, spend time outdoors, especially in areas with lots of vegetation. This is the natural habitat of the nature faeries and the easiest way to ensure they're around. Try using your third eye to see the faeries when the moon is full, and listening for messages through dreams or telepathy when the moon is dark.

  It is traditional to leave an offering of fresh water or a small snack outside at certain auspicious times of the year such as the summer solstice. Of course you can choose to set out gifts at any time while attempting to get the attention of your local faeries. A slice of fruit in the flower garden, especially on a full moon. In some cultures in the not so distant past, it was common for families to leave offerings every night in order to find favor with the local faery folk! 

Intention is the key. Talk to the faeries and let them know that you acknowledge and appreciate them, and that you have a sincere desire to help with their cause. Making even small changes such as switching to all natural cleaning products or becoming more conscious of your water usage can help the faeries feel your intent and trust your sincerity. Realize that sometimes, like anything worthwhile, these relationships take time. But with perseverance and an open heart, you'll likely begin to experience these beautiful beings around you, gifting you and teaching you to expand your sight!

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