Friday, 27 December 2019

Hope everyone had a magical Christmas xoxo

Hoping you all had an amazing time,
and looking forward to 2020.

I wanted to share with you 'We Heart It' Spring Writing Contest.

The We Heart It Writer’s Team is excited to announce the first-ever short story contest coordinated and led by the members of the Writer’s Team.

1. Your short story must be about, include some connections or in some way incorporate the season of SPRING.
The genre is up to you! You can write romance, adventure, fantasy, horror…whatever you are most comfortable writing as long as you do not forget that Spring is a must-have.

2. Tag
Make sure to tag your story with #springwritingcontest so the judges can easily find all submitted works.

3. Submission
In order to participate, submit your story here:

Include your We Heart It username and once you publish your story on We Heart It, copy and paste the link in the indicated space.

4. Deadline
You have time from April 16th to May 31st to submit your work.

5. Word count
Your short story must have at least 1,000 words but not more than 10,000 words.

6. Say no to plagiarism.
All works containing plagiarism will be disqualified.

7. We value creativity!
That is right: be original! The more unique and unusual your story is, the better! We want to read interesting and fresh works! Do not be afraid to be different!

8. Only one submission per person is allowed
You have one chance – write the best of it!

5 most creative and best stories will be chosen at the end of June. 

. The winners will be included in a feature article so you’ll essentially be catapulted to We Heart It rock stardom PLUS the winning stories will be shared on We Heart It’s social media platforms. Talk about fabulous. And that’s not all! The winner’s stories will also be hearted by our very own @weheartit_editor account. If you’ve dreamed about having your story read by thousands of people and gaining recognition for your writing, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase your creative talent!

So, what are you waiting for? Take pen and paper, open Word, pages or whatever immediately and start crafting your amazing Spring story!

We are beyond excited to read your entries. The following Hearters judging the contest are: Ana Paulina (@paulinaheart), Elodie (@authorelodie), Giselle (@Omg_giselle), Iva (@angelus_somnia_infernum), Kristy (@fromkrist), Malin (@matomm), Moon (@Moonliightbaaaby), Rachel (@whirlwindbound), Seraiah (@staraiah), and Sydney (@sborek).

Love and light,

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