Sunday, 15 February 2009

la belle fleur diary...

Greetings everyone.....
Here are my first few pages for 'the belle fleur diary' - Kellies online FREE course
These pages are about the law of attraction...helpful guides printed upon paper to browse through at leisure.
  • I used gesso, acrylics/water colour for backgound with negative stencils/neocolour crayons and stamps/in.
  • Tip: As no vellum was available I used tracing paper - worked a treat :)
Final touch, I added a sprig of sweet annie to page for aroma and decorative properties.
I really enjoyed working on these pages...I was just looking at the blank pages waiting for my creative juices to seemed to take forever lol
So I just jumped in and went with the theme of pink and green. (kellies fav colours - my inspiration) From the calm, plain cream page I mixed the two colours via neg stencils of a flower / leaf shape via neocolour crayons...the creativity started to flow to my surprise.
So instead of waiting to feel a creative surge...follow a small idea/a small theme and then it grows....blossoms :) x
blessings of love and light
Trace x


Celestite said...

That is incredibly beautiful.

Renee said...

Trace it looks beautiful. xoxo


jasmoon-butterfly said...

thank you renee/celestite
it it lovely to receive such nice feedback
love and light to you mwah x