Sunday, 15 February 2009

Enchanted Dolls by Marina Bychkova.....

A chance to win an amazing doll by Marina....

You will have to register in forum at:

Then you need to fill out an entry form. Simple as that :)

I came across Beautiful works of Marina via needle and clay blog (thank you for sharing)

I was wowed by her work - take a peep :
marina uses springs in her ball jointed dolls

Above is one of my favourites...
BJD making ....(ball jointed dolls)
Helpful book: Martha Armstorng-Hand, "Learning to be a doll artist"
Martha goes through it step by step.
Available on
forum is dedicated to making BJD's:
Here are some by Susan Oroyan
Yoshida Style: Ball jointed dolls making guide by Ryo Yoshida is a fantastic book in Japanese website: also in Japanese- wonderful pics
& non firing materials

BJD Guide (Broken English - a bit hard to understand)
Learning to be a Doll Artist from $17.95
The process she describes is particularly suited to porcelain, using metal springs etc.
Contents of "Learning to Be a Doll Artist"
Chapter 1 Ideas and Plans. From Dream to Reality; Developing an Idea; Choosing a Medium; Why I Work in Porcelain; Determining Size.
Chapter 2 Drawing. Why Do we Draw? Drawing a Human Figure; Putting the Measurements on Paper; Outlining the Drawing; Refining the Drawing.
Chapter 3 Making the Armature. Sizing the Armature; Choosing the Materials; Shrinkage Chart of Sculpting Material; Constructing the Armature; Supporting the Armature.
Chapter 4 Modeling. Tools and Materials; The Modeling Process; Getting Ready to Make the Molds.
Chapter 5 Mold Making. Tools and Materials; Making a Rough Shell Mold; Casting Words of Wisdom.
Chapter 6 Mold Design. Principles of Mold Design; Keys; The Spare.
Chapter 7 Making Molds for Porcelain Slip Casting. Special Tools for Porcelain Casting; Making the Mold for a Porcelain Cast; Cleaning, Drying, and Trimming the Molds; Mold Repair.
Chapter 8 Wax Work. Making Your Own Wax; Making a Wax Cast; Wax Work: Setting Up the Work Space; Improving Your Forms. [8-page color photo gallery of Martha Armstrong-Hand dolls.]
Chapter 9 Body Works. The Decision to Make Joints; Conditions for Moving and Posing; Designing Joints That Work.
Chapter 10 Stringing Design. Stringing Material; Designing the Stringing System; How It All Works.
Chapter 11 Casting in Porcelain. History of Porcelain; Some Chemistry and Physics (Ingredients and Transformation); Casting; Tools.
Chapter 12 On Kilns and Firing. Parts of a Kiln; Choosing Your Own Kiln; Loading the Kiln; Controlling the Temperature; Firing.
Chapter 13 Porcelain Painting. Tools and Materials; Choosing a Brush; Brush Glossary; Setting Up a Painting Space; Step-By-Step Face Painting; The Art of Face Painting; Things to Remember.
Chapter 14 Stringing Production. Lining the Joints; Setting Up for Metal Work; Preparing and Fastening the Bars; Connecting the Legs to the Body; Attaching the Upper Body; Assembling the Arms; Fastening the Extremities.
Chapter 15 Hair and Wigs. My Adventures With Wigs; Directly Attached Hair; Fur on Leather; Conventionally Manufactured Wigs; Making Your Own Wig; A Doll Hairstyling Salon.
Chapter 16 Clothing Design. [General Remarks]; Finding the Right Fabric; Creating Patterns; Of Sewing Machines and Sewers.
Chapter 17 Shoes. Tools and Materials; A Five-Step Process (The Last, the Upper, the Soles, Shaping the Upper to the Last, Joining the Upper and Outer Sole); The Reward.
Chapter 18 Accessories.
Chapter 19 Display.
Doll wig making: They use glue to stiffen gauze, then glue mohair to it.
Hope this was helpful :)

love and light

Trace x


Amy Wing said...

I am terrifically in love with this doll!!

Wonderful blog. I just discovered you - thanks for linking us up! :)

Ashley said...

thanks for the the links!!! :)

Ashley said...
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Kate Dunkin said...

Great post, I love that doll! I was looking for mold repair when I came across your post. Thank you for sharing those links with us!