Sunday, 15 February 2009

Fairy garden powder recipe..........


This powder is made with things that the fae are said to love.

If you believe in fairies and want to invite them into your garden, make this powder and sprinkle it all around (even if that garden is just a window box).

Fairy Garden Powder can be made any time that you are in a good mood, or feel charged with positive energy, but Midsummer Eve is an especially powerful time for its making or its sprinkling. It is only meant for outdoor use.

4 parts base powder, composed of any mixture of plants from this list, dried and powdered: apple bark or peel, blackberry leaves, bluebells, clover, cowslips, daffodils, elecampane root, ferns, foxgloves; hawthorn berries, bark, or blossoms; heather, holly berries, hollyhocks, pansies, primrose blossoms, rose petals, strawberry leaves, thyme, yarrow 2 parts powdered milk 2 parts honey powder (sold by gourmet spice vendors)
The fae are said to be attracted to bright shiny things, so also add: 1/2 part rock crystal chips 1/2 part multi-color pastel glitter 1/2 part gold glitter

The smell of thyme and lilac are said to attract fairies, so essential oil of thyme, or lilac fragrance oil, could also be added to your powder, if that would blend well with the scent of your other botanical ingredients.

Mix all the ingredients together by stirring them deosil (clockwise) with an athame, until they are thoroughly blended.

Fairy houses are small constructions made from natural things, such as moss, bark, twigs, and thatch. A fairy house looks like a suitable habitation for the fae. Making and installing a fairy house or two in your garden is another way to invite fairies to take up residence there. Fairy Garden Powder can be sprinkled around such tiny houses, to enhance their attraction to the fae.

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