Thursday, 12 February 2009

Clay hearts....

My clay hearts......
Sorry my camera has not picked up the detail of the faery wording embedded in the clay :(
I used air dry clay from online 'great art' supplies.
Stamps, molds, various inks and acrylics...finished with a tea stain varnish.
I took an online mini clay class with Marie at:
She is wonderful, videos are very well explained for all areas and a pdf is available to print .
Marie also offers free online clay classes at her website - well worth a visit! :)
Thank you for popping by and light Trace x


Sherri S said...

GORGEOUS hearts! I love the style. Thanks for being a blog follower. I am enjoying this renewed adventure into blogging.

Bairbre Aine said...

I absolutely love the colour and shapes of your hearts.
The Fairy heart; quite enchanting.
Thank you for such inspiration!
I cut and have sewn several hearts myself, since first reading your 'heart' post.
Thank you again.
Hope you have a most joyful weekend!

jasmoon-butterfly said...

hi Bairbre
thank you so much for your wonderful comments :)
Its inspiring to receive feedback..I am popping over to look at your hearts x

Rebecca Louise. said...

They are beautiful! They remind me of being on holiday lol xxx.

Tammy said...

Oh I love these! So pretty and with great textures!