Thursday, 19 February 2009

Kathryn Balint's Ultimate Altered Art....

Make-a-Fairy kit
is the perfect starter set for making altered-art style fairies for layouts or artist trading cards.Included are seven wings
(cut out of vintage newspaper, music and other vintage papers as well as a glittery set of wings); six antique photo cutouts of little children;
three hats; five crowns and a wand with a glittery star.

Make-a-Doll kit
includes everything you need to create an altered-style doll for layouts or artist trading cards.

The kit comes with three porcelain-style doll heads and a vintage baby doll. Also included are six sets of legs painted in black and white and four arms.

To make an arm for the other side of your doll, simply "mirror" the image using your graphics-editing program.

There are five dresses, cut from vintage papers, and a pleated newspaper fan that would great as a collar, skirt or headdress for your art doll.

The spiral journal, torn notebook paper and paperclip are for display purposes only and are not included. Check the rest of Kathryn Balint's Ultimate Altered Art collection for other pieces that will work well with this kit.

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Other kits are available - I think they are wonderful!

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