Sunday, 5 February 2012

~Paperclay Doll Eyes~

~Paperclay Doll Eyes~ : "Making Paperclay eyes for your doll is very simple. The eyes shown here were colored using pencils and acrylic paint, but feel free to explore other materials and use your imagination! The Paperclay used here was purchased at an A.C, Moore craft store, and it is easy to find at art and craft supply places. The Mr. Super Clear used to seal the eyes came from Junkyspot. The paints and pencils came from Dick Blick."

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 1. Roll some Paperclay into little beads.  
Since this takes very little time and uses very little clay,  make a bunch of paper beads.  

To gauge the size of the beads, compare them to a doll eye of the same size that you want to make. 
Then set all the beads aside to dry. 
Usually they dry in one day, but drying may take longer depending on bead size and atmospheric conditions.

2. Select two balls to use for the eyes.  You can test them in the doll first to see how they fit.

To work on them, you may find it helpful to stick the bead in a kneaded eraser which will hold it in place.

3. A screw or nail head can be used as a guide to trace an iris onto the bead.
Compare the screw or nail head size to the iris of a doll eye of similar size
to see whether it is the right size for your project.

4. Draw or paint your eye. Here is one in-progress. This one is being colored with pencils.
5. After you finish both eyes, spray them with Mr. Super Clear flat lacquer.
This protects the eyes.
The eyes could also be glossed.
Many art materials can be used in making your eyes,
and the looks you can achieve are limitless.

Have fun :0)

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