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» Blue Photo Doll with Wings :

» Blue Photo Doll with Wings : "Blue Photo Doll with Wings
Photo by doll owner Zagzagael"

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Blue Photo Doll with Wings
Photo by doll owner Zagzagael

1/3 size Unicorn Doll

Doll Customization



Dollstown Elf Soph (lower lip modified) "Helka"

kerli and doll

The Snow Queen Project

Special project: Outfit designed by Charie Wilson based on 
gracefaerie designs patterns resized for Impldoll ImpStar girls.

The face-up and photography were done by BJDcollectasy. 
Wig and glass eyes were provided by JpopDoll. 
A Youtube video and article are also available of the doll. 

gracefaerie designs:

 Project page with video:


Bobobie Purple Sprite 1

Bobobie Blue Sprite 2

Yakki by Ravendolls with Dollheart Outfit 
White resin Yakki with Thaasa II body. 
She is dressed in a limited Doll
heart outfit with Angel Boots and has German glass eyes and 2 different wigs.

Yuli by Ashley
Yet to be released, first Photos of new Yuli.

Close-up of 'Fiona' (Alice in Labyrinth Chloe head)

Alice in Labryrinth Chloe Head on Flexi body.

Tired Ballerinas after a Photo Shoot!

A Ghostly Goodnight

Duet from Tattered Ballerina Series

Tattered Ballerina 'Elsbeth'

Tattered Ballerina Solo

Let Them Eat Cake

Choyanbe in the DREAMING of DEGAS dress

Warrior outfit

Warrior and Maiden Couple

Tattered Fairytale 





Idex dolls

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