Sunday, 5 February 2012

Opal costume - Antique Lilac

Opal - Gallery 2010 - Antique Lilac:

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By Martha Boers

 The wings are sewn, painted, 
and wired fabric; their end wires insert into narrow pockets on the back of the bodice.

The multi-coloured brocade bodice is lined, 
has hand embroidered edging, and laces up the front. 
The 'sleeves'  slip on and have snaps from the elbow to the wrist 
- to fit over the hand and ensure a snug fit.

 All three skirts have frayed hems and stained hemlines.

The long lavender and short pink skirts have 'tears'
which have been sewn up with silk ribbon.
Shells and assorted ornaments dangle from the bottom of the shortest skirt.

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